The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3939

Chapter 3939 Even Weapon God Is Not As Powerful

Thereafter, it gradually continued its way toward Arctic Lake. Even though Levi had channeled most of the Heavenly Thunder and earth ley line’s energy into the forging process of the premium ultimate weapons, it wasn’t enough to diminish their intensity within the core area. Consequently, the cloudship began crawling at a snail’s pace again.

Back on the cloudship, Gavin and its other occupants quickly noticed the presence of a few figures near Arctic Lake.

The moment they saw the massive pile of high-quality magical herbs and the two premium ultimate weapons hovering in the air, all of them brimmed with excitement.

“Look at all those Divine Bones, fire lilies, and spectral flowers! All of them are top-notch magical herbs!”

“Quick, do you see that premium ultimate weapon? Even the Divine Sword of Cordierite Association pales in comparison.”

“Isn’t it obvious? The phenomenon within Dragon’s Grave Valley is triggered by those two premium ultimate weapons. Truth be told, I’ve never seen weapons of such caliber before!”

“Even the magical herbs alone are prized treasures within Cordierite Association. We have truly struck gold this time!”

The elites of Cordierite Association were so ecstatic that tears almost flowed.

After all, they were all experienced warriors who were knowledgeable about the world. The high-ranking members, in particular, had even been exposed to plenty of magical herbs and premium ultimate weapons.

Despite that, nothing prepared them for the quality and quantity of herbs and weapons that greeted them, which was a first in their lives.

In that instant, their minds were blown away, just like the wealthiest man in the village meeting the richest man in the world.

Words couldn’t even begin to describe the visual and mental stimulation triggered by the treasures before them.

“Look at that man! He seems to be forging a premium ultimate weapon!” one of the members of Cordierite Association exclaimed.

As the others trailed the trajectory of where his finger was pointing, they could clearly see Levi’s entire work process.

Floating right beside Levi was a spear and bow, which were in no way inferior to the blade and sword they saw on the other side.

“This man’s forging technique is just out of this world. How did he manage to forge two premium ultimate weapons of such quality at the same time?”

“He has chosen to forge the weapons with Heavenly Thunder and Earthfire. Even Weapon God might not be capable of doing better.”

“Furthermore, he seems pretty relaxed while doing it, as if he isn’t affected by the terrifying energy at all. I just can’t believe my eyes!”

“Looks like we have struck it rich, as a master blacksmith is a never-ending source of treasures. This trip has been well worth the trouble!”

Thrilled by their discovery, some of them were filled with the urge to jump off the cloudship to plunder the magical herbs.

Even Gavin found it hard to hide his excitement as he stared in Levi’s direction, eyes glistening.

From his perspective, a blacksmith of Levi’s skill was the Holy Grail of wealth.

As long as he could control the blacksmith, it was the equivalent of possessing a vault of premium ultimate weapons.

With that, he had access to as many of them as he desired, provided there was a sufficient supply of magical herbs.

After all, there were plenty of high-level sects that possessed an abundance of magical herbs but were starved for a single premium ultimate weapon.

That was the reason why Weapon God was highly sought after in Kenfort.

“Even super-secret sects will treat weapons of such caliber as prized ultimate weapons!”

“Who might this man, who possesses such masterly forging techniques, be?”

“Weapon God is an old man that has lived for ages, whereas this man, despite the change in his appearance, looks to be in his thirties.”

“Someone like that must never fall into the hands of the other sects. We have to capture him alive.”

With his decision made, Gavin gestured at the pilot.

Thereafter, the cloudship began its descent and finally landed near the pile of magical herbs beside Arctic Lake.

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