The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3938

Chapter 3938 A Lightning Rod

“What is that thing?” The sight filled Floyd with surprise, as he had never seen a cloudship before nor heard anyone mention it.

What shocked him even more was that when a thick bolt of Heavenly Thunder struck the cloudship, the ship’s energy barrier easily dissipated it.

“It’s so powerful! Even the bicolored Heavenly Thunder is incapable of doing any damage.” He was blown away by what he saw.

“On top of that, that thing is emitting all sorts of terrifying aura!” Without a moment’s delay, Floyd began to deploy a technique to hide his own aura completely.

Initially, he had assumed that he would be exposed upon being struck by the Heavenly Thunder, but what subsequently happened was beyond his wildest imagination.

Soon, he noticed that the Heavenly Thunder that was previously striking him had shifted its attacks toward the massive cloudship.

“That thing is like a lightning rod! Furthermore, the restraining power of the earth ley line has also disappeared. Can it be that it’s being absorbed by that flying battleship?”

Holding that thought, Floyd swiftly followed in the direction the cloudship had traveled in.

The massive battleship, which flew at relatively high speeds in the beginning, had now inexplicably slowed down. Soon, Floyd was able to track it down from afar.

Meanwhile, on board the cloudship, the elites of Cordierite Association were equally astounded.

“What’s going on? Why is Thunder Cloudship decelerating all of a sudden?”

“There seems to be a gravitational force pulling us from the ground. Can there be some sort of special power hidden beneath it?”

“I didn’t expect Dragon’s Grave Valley to be so spooky!”

“What are you panicking for? We have just slowed down. It’s not like we’re crashing toward the ground.”

“Shut your trap!”

Amidst the heated debate among the members of Cordierite Association, Gavin’s brow tightly furrowed.

He had assumed that Thunder Cloudship would easily traverse Dragon’s Grave Valley without being detected. After all, Heavenly Thunder was ineffective against thunderite.

However, upon entering the non-core area, the cloudship was gripped by a powerful gravitational force.

Moreover, this terrifying force clearly came from the surface and was so powerful that it could overwhelm the cloudship’s propulsion systems.

“Lower our flying altitude and save as much fuel as we can,” Gavin ordered.

As the cloudship’s pilot adjusted the flight stick to bring Thunder Cloudship into a descent, he managed to increase the ship’s flying speed slightly.

At that moment, Gavin could clearly sense that the gravitational pull from the ground and Heavenly Thunder were working together to rip their cloudship apart.

“It seems that Dragon’s Grave Valley has become an energy field by itself. Anything that tries to enter it will be targeted by the combined wrath of the earth ley line and Heavenly Thunder.”

When Gavin provided his analysis, his men expressed their agreement, for they had traveled to other strange areas before, such as the ruins of mighty beings and similarly rare energy fields.

Therefore, unfazed by what they had encountered, they continued their journey deeper into Dragon’s Grave Valley.

Meanwhile, Levi was on the brink of forging two premium ultimate weapons when he sensed that someone had infiltrated Dragon’s Grave Valley’s non-core area.

Moreover, the intruders were extremely powerful and numbered in the tens, throwing off the natural energy balance of the surroundings.


Upon the sudden crack of the Heavenly Thunder, the flashes and roars that ensued felt like an impending apocalypse.

Nevertheless, to ensure his forging process wasn’t affected, Levi channeled the power of Heavenly Thunder and earth ley line toward him.

Coincidentally, I can use their turbulent power to nourish the ultimate weapons, imbuing them with the power of natural elements.

It was only due to Levi’s actions that Thunder Cloudship managed to enter the core area without further danger.

Otherwise, given the earth-shattering power of Heavenly Thunder, the cloudship would have already been destroyed.

In fact, combined with the destructive power of the earth ley line, it would have been shredded to bits.

Soon, the Thunder Cloudship’s imposing presence arrived upon the dried-up area on the outskirts of Arctic Lake.

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