The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3922

Chapter 3922 Forge Divine Tool

“Master has possessed so many top-notch materials and with the addition of such a unique forging environment. I believe the forged ultimate weapon would be at a top-tier level within Kenfort. I’m genuinely looking forward to the moment when the premium ultimate weapon takes shape!” Larissa was overwhelmed with mixed emotions and looking forward to that.

The resources that she had when she was with Levi were far more eye-opening to her as compared to the time when she was still an Empyrean in Eclipse.

After the baptism of the power of Heavenly Thunder, as well as the metamorphosis when diving deep into the Arctic Lake, Larissa’s cultivation level improved greatly.

If she kept staying in Eclipse, she would have to spend several years to reach her current cultivation level.

Cheriette also exclaimed, “Indeed, Lord Garrison’s forging technique had similarly reached its peak, and I wonder what kind of terrifying level the forged ultimate weapon would be at?”

“According to the specifications of the previously forged ultimate weapons, they were forged using top-grade magical herbs with the addition of the natural power of Heavenly Thunder and Earthfire. I’m afraid that truly could forge an ultimate premium weapon that would even be regarded as the strongest ultimate weapon by the hidden sects,” Larissa presumed.

Levi had a succession of shocking moves, and Larissa had almost gotten used to it.

If someone told her that Levi could forge a real premium ultimate weapon previously, she would think it was a pipe dream. However, she had an inexplicable trust in him now.

She even had a feeling that there was nothing Levi could not achieve in this world, including forging top-notch premium ultimate weapons.

Time flew by quickly, and in the blink of an eye, two days had passed.

The Arctic Lake had been completely metamorphosed and drained by Levi, and the cracks at the bottom of the Arctic Lake and Earthfire were also revealed.

Levi stopped devouring. His metamorphosis from the Arctic Lake did not have significant effects but still allowed him to enhance his cultivation level.

“Congratulations for draining the Arctic Lake, Master.”

“Congratulations, Lord Garrison.”

Larissa and Cheriette spoke one after another, and they could not wait to see Levi forge the premium ultimate weapon.

Levi remained unfazed and said in a deep voice, “I’ll begin to forge the ultimate weapon later. Both of you must stay further away from me. Without the Arctic Lake, the Heavenly Thunder and the Earthfire here would be ferocious. The slightest distraction could lead to burning.”

“Understood!” the two girls responded hastily with respect.

The truth was, they had also felt the ferocious energy around. It was like a volcano that might erupt at any time, which was extremely dangerous.

Levi did not say anything more. He directly transported all the required materials to the surroundings of the Earthfire and started to forge the top-notch ultimate weapon.


The Earthfire rose into the air, and it seemed to melt the spaces surrounding. With such a temperature, even Levi could feel the dryness in the air.

The eeriest thing was that there was a bone-piercing coldness in such dryness.

The originally opposed temperature attributes were all concentrated in the Earthfire.

This certainly was caused by the unique attribute of the Arctic Lake previously.

“Let’s begin!” Levi threw the star metal and fire stone into the core of the Earthfire and released the power, forming a gigantic energy vortex with his body in the center. “The power of the Heavenly Thunder, at my command!” Levi’s command was followed by dense clouds and rumbles of thunderstorms.

Immediately after that, a three-colored Heavenly Thunder struck and was obviously attracted by Levi’s energy vortex.

The Heavenly Thunder proceeded to strike at the Earthfire precisely.

The collision of the two attributes of coldness and electricity instantly unleashed a terrifying energy pressure.

The vibration of the powerful energy pressure emanated but was directly counteracted by the energy shield released by Levi in time.

That was why Cheriette and Larissa were not harmed.

The star metal and the fire stone instantly melted under the blast of the two violent energies.

“Solidify!” Levi hurriedly cast the forging technique to stop the imminent loss of the liquid to the Earthfire below by crystallizing the two materials.

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