The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3921

Chapter 3921 Large Sects

As it turned out, Levi’s method of draining the Arctic Lake was by using it to metamorphose.

He absorbed the lightning energy, the earth ley line’s power, and even the subarctic elements imbued in the water before channeling his basic techniques to evaporate the rest of the water.

Alas, the moment Levi entered his elementary stage of metamorphosis, Heavenly Thunder began to put up resistance and struck him continuously.

After all, Levi was disrupting the new energy balance he had achieved only a while ago. However, given his tremendous power, Heavenly Thunder’s attack felt nothing more than an itch that he could scratch and shrug off.

After a long, futile struggle, Heavenly Thunder finally gave up and allowed the water in Arctic Lake to be drained at an alarming rate.

Swoosh! As lightning energy in the water sent sparks flying, Levi quickly absorbed them into his meridians.

Since he had previously metamorphosed with the lightning energy in Dragon’s Grave Valley, the effect of Arctic Lake on him was almost negligible.

Despite that, Levi knew the metamorphosis would still help to stabilize his new cultivation level, so he didn’t want to waste any of it.

Cheriette and Larissa were dumbfounded as they saw the rapidly decreasing water level.

They had initially thought the whole process would take a long time, but from the looks of it, three days might be more than enough.

“Our haul of magical herbs should be comparable to what large sects have, shouldn’t it?” Cheriette piped up.

To her surprise, Larissa scoffed, “Oh, you’ve sorely overestimated those large sects.”

As an ex-Empyrean of Eclipse, she had seen a lot in her life and had a vast knowledge of the workings of large sects.

The magical herbs found in Kenfort could be classified into ten different grades, and a mid-level sect like Astre Lune Sect would mostly have Grade One or Grade Two magical herbs.

Their Grade Three herbs were few and far between, and it’d be impressive if they could even have one or two Grade Four herbs.

Eclipse, on the other hand, had more Grade Three magical herbs in their storage. Their number of Grade Four herbs might have fallen, but they still had one Grade Five magical herb to boast about.

Larissa had once chanced upon Divine Bones only because a top fighter had planned on using it to exchange for Eclipse’s ultimate technique.

That transaction caused an uproar in Eclipse, but the council members eventually turned it down after holding a discussion.

As impressive as the Divine Bones were, nothing could change the fact that a sect’s ultimate technique was its greatest asset.

If that technique got revealed, other sects would have a chance to develop counterattacks, thereby endangering the welfare of Eclipse. Worse come to worst, Eclipse might even be wiped out.

Of course, turning down the deal was painful even for Eclipse’s council members. After all, the Divine Bones were a Grade Six magical herb.

To Larissa’s delight, their haul of magical herbs from Arctic Lake was more than spectacular. They were mostly Grade Five, Grade Six, and Grade Seven herbs, and there was also a considerable number of Divine Bones and other Grade Eight herbs like fire lilies and spectral flowers.

It was, without a doubt, a stunning collection that even the most prominent families and super sects in Kenfort could only dream of.

If word got out, Larissa was sure it’d shock the nation, including Prime Association’s council members.

After all, Prime Association mainly dealt with the trading of various magical herbs. The better the magical herbs were, the more they’d want to get their hands on them.

“Oh, so large sects don’t have as many magical herbs as I thought!” Cheriette exclaimed after having heard Larissa’s explanation.

Wow. Who’d have known? I always thought large sects would have an impressive collection of top-grade magical herbs, but from the looks of it, even those are just as rare for them.

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