The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3919

Chapter 3919 Loads Of Magical Herbs

With Heavenly Thunder striking Arctic Lake, it was only natural that the lake was charged with the energy of Heavenly Thunder.

At the same time, the terrifying power of the earth ley line was also affecting the water in the lake.

On top of that, Arctic Lake itself was frigid. A unique condition was formed when the top of the lake was affected by Heavenly Thunder and its bottom by the earth ley line.

In addition, the years of interaction between Heavenly Thunder and the earth ley line had caused them to reach a sort of energy balance that directly enabled the two energies to co-exist.

“Could this be the Ghost Ember recorded in ancient manuals?” inquired Cheriette through telepathy as she swam over to a ball of blue and purple flame.

Larissa, too, approached the strange flame to confirm. “This is top-tier Ghost Ember. According to ancient manuals, it can only be found in extremely cold places. With its ability to burn anything, Ghost Ember is the first choice for forging.”

After Larissa was done repeating the ancient manuals’ description of Ghost Ember, Levi immediately got excited.

“That means it’ll be perfect for forging premium ultimate weapons. Do you have any containers we can use to take it with us?” questioned Levi through telepathy.

“Don’t worry, Master. I came prepared.”

With that, Cheriette took out a palm-sized bottle that looked like it was made of jade.

The bottle was crystal clear and had a stopper made of some special material.

When the stopper was removed, a piercing chill that could rival the frigidness of the lake flowed out of the bottle.

“This is a Cold Jade Bottle, a container designed for curiosities with strong fire attributes,” explained Cheriette briefly.

When she learned that Levi planned to head to Dragon’s Grave Valley, Cheriette got a Cold Jade Bottle from Prime Association and intended to use it to deal with Heavenly Thunder attacks.

Since the bottle was naturally attracted to things with fire attributes, it could be used as a lightning rod to a certain extent.

However, because Levi had reached an energy balance with Dragon’s Grave Valley and was protected by his energy shield, they did not have a chance to use the bottle until then.

After containing the Ghost Ember, Larissa handed the Cold Jade Bottle to Levi, and the trio continued to search for other magical herbs in Arctic Lake.

“Look over there!” exclaimed Cheriette suddenly, so Levi and Larissa both looked in the direction she pointed.

Not too far away were lotus flowers in the depths of the lake.

The flowers had a red glow about them, making them seem like balls of fire dancing underwater.

“Fire lilies?” There was excitement in Larissa’s tone. “They’re even more precious than Ghost Ember. Not only can they be used as raw materials for forging, but they are also good for producing pills. Plus, fire lilies could only be bred in Ghost Fire, so they’re definitely more valuable than Ghost Ember. If those people at Prime Association, or even a larger establishment like Cordierite Association, see these, they’ll lose their minds.”

Thrilled to hear that, Levi immediately voiced, “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s take these fire lilies with us too.”

The trio then began to collect the magical herbs as if they were treasure harvesters.

Shortly afterward, Larissa discovered a large number of fire stones, which got Levi even more stoked because they did not acquire enough of those from Prime Association.

With their impressive discovery, the trio finally had enough auxiliary materials for forging premium ultimate weapons.

“Our little trip is nothing if not rewarding!”

Levi then continued leading the two women toward the bottom before they suddenly felt the water flow surrounding them become more rapid.

“There’s an undercurrent at the bottom, which means the lake could be connected to somewhere deeper. Be careful,” warned Levi through telepathy.

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