The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3918

Chapter 3918 The Law Of Energy Balance

Larissa had the good fortune of seeing a small piece of Divine Bones, but its quality was nothing compared to the kraken skeleton before her. Some would even say that the two were two worlds apart.

Hence, Larissa was sure that she was looking at Divine Bones, which happened to be of high quality because they came from a kraken that had been through the Super Heavenly Thunder.

The perfectly preserved bones could outshine even the most precious diamond since they contained a terrifying amount of energy, including lightning and earth energy, and the frigidness found only in the Arctic Lake.

Besides the Divine Bones of a kraken, Arctic Lake was also littered with the Divine Bones of other mystical creatures that failed to ride out the Super Heavenly Thunder.

To put it simply, the number of Divine Bones there was unimaginable.

“How many premium ultimate weapons can we forge out of these many quality Divine Bones?”

“We could also produce pills with them! If we do, we’ll have countless pills with unrivaled quality.”

Convinced that they had struck gold in Dragon’s Grave Valley, the two women were over the moon.

“What’s your plan, Lord Garrison?” inquired Cheriette tentatively through telepathy.

After pondering for a moment, Levi replied, “We’ll make good use of all the Divine Bones, of course. None will be wasted.”

That was indeed what the man had in mind. In fact, he planned to equip all those he trusted with an ultimate premium weapon.

However, it seemed they did not have enough star metal and other raw materials to match the number of Divine Bones.

“Fortunately, what we lack is just auxiliary materials. Divine Bones remain the most important material in the forging process. When the time comes, I’ll utilize earth and lightning energy to offset our auxiliary materials shortage,” muttered Levi to himself.

As for the two women who had already gotten used to the intensity of the lake water, they gradually went deeper into Arctic Lake and took the opportunity to utilize their techniques to reach a new cultivation level.

On top of that, they found many precious magical herbs when they reached the deeper parts of the lake.

“Is this Thunder Spice? There’s even Dark Water here.” Larissa was shocked by their discovery.

“There’s even Arctic Grass, a rare and precious magical herb. This lake is full of treasures!” Cheriette, too, was taken aback because Arctic Grass had both earth and lightning attributes, which meant it was valuable enough to be the prized possession of any large sects.

Due to the continuous influx of energy from Heavenly Thunder, Arctic Lake was filled with magical herbs that possessed double attributes.

The trio did not take long to reach the bottom since the lake was not very deep.

“I can’t believe how strange the bottom of Arctic Lake is. This trip to Dragon’s Grave Valley really is an eye-opener!” exclaimed Levi in amazement when he realized how different the bottom of the lake was compared to the surface covered in lightning.

The lower part of Arctic Lake was made up of purple flames that looked like liquid.

Besides that, the flames were much more intense than the lightning energy at the top, so they were useful for conditioning one’s body.

Of course, the heat of the purple flames did not affect Levi. However, he thought it would be too much for Cheriette and Larissa, only to drop his jaw when proved wrong.

“The purple flames don’t seem that different from the energy above because they don’t look like they have any problem withstanding the heat.” Before long, Levi arrived at a conclusion. Cheriette and Larissa thought they wouldn’t be able to handle the situation since it was far beyond what they had expected, but they turned out fine anyway.

After some thought, Levi explained through telepathy, “Presumably, the bottom of Arctic Lake also conforms to the law of energy balance. It’s just that the different parts of the lake look different.”

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