The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3916

Chapter 3916 Impenetrable Valley

Gloria had long known what Primo was up to, so she naturally knew what he meant by those words.

As expected, Primo could barely hold back his smile when he heard her answer.

“What more could I ask for when I have a wife like you?” he said with a grin.

Heptino watched them from the side, secretly looking forward to the day Gloria became an Empyrean of Eclipse.

Not only would she be freed from Primo’s control by then, but she would also be more justified to treat Heptino nicely as a fellow Empyrean.

After the fighters of Eclipse waited outside for two more days, the two sect leaders finally decided to evacuate in the meantime.

Although Eclipse was a large sect, they were surrounded by strong enemies.

Now that majority of their core fighters were dispatched, Eclipse would suffer more losses than gains if those super sects waiting out there decided to go all out and attack them.

Thus, Eclipse’s two sect leaders ordered the sects to stay behind and guard the place. Void Sect would be the head, while the other sects would act as assistants.

What if a miracle happens to that insolent fool?

Though some of the sects were unhappy about the arrangement, they didn’t dare to disobey for fear of Eclipse’s immense power.

As for the bounty hunters, it was obvious that they wouldn’t leave since they had been staying here for half a year.

Besides, there were more chances in a more crowded place. In a way, the bounty hunters were the biggest speculators here.

With that, Eclipse took the lead and announced that the robbers had died from the Super Heavenly Thunder in Dragon’s Grave Valley.

In an instant, the news spread all over the place and became the talk of the town.

“Dragon’s Grave Valley is so scary! Even the mighty robbers couldn’t manage to escape it.”

“I will never go there, no matter how many magical herbs it has. My life matters the most!”

“Not even the fighters of Eclipse dare to enter that place recklessly. Stop overestimating yourself.”

Following the announcement, people’s fear of Dragon’s Grave Valley grew even deeper.

At that moment, it felt as if darkness was looming over Dragon’s Grave Valley.

Meanwhile, Prime Association also got the news that Levi had lost his life in Dragon’s Grave Valley.

For a long time, Sylvan stayed silent. All he could manage was heave a long sigh.

He had thought that Levi would be able to withstand the Super Heavenly Thunder of Dragon’s Grave Valley and leave unscathed, considering how powerful the latter was.

Unexpectedly, he failed to survive.

“Mr. Webber, Levi actually made it quite far. He managed to get the Heavenly Thunder in Dragon’s Grave Valley to gather in one place.”

“The Heavenly Thunder is terrifying. It can easily penetrate even a super sect’s Sect Protection Formation!”

“That means Levi got to the core area of Dragon’s Grave Valley. He’s too stubborn. How could he risk his life over a few pieces of Divine Bones?”

“What a shame! With his talent, he was bound to achieve a higher cultivation level. If he had waited until then, he could have entered and exited Dragon’s Grave Valley as much as he wanted.”

The high-rank officials of Prime Association couldn’t help but express their disappointment over the incident, especially when they recalled how Levi was possibly a very capable blacksmith.

If he could work with Prime Association on a long-term basis, the association would surely benefit a lot.

Sadly, that was no longer possible.

Sylvan sighed again and said, “According to the ancient manual, the core area of Dragon’s Grave Valley is extremely dangerous. The Heavenly Thunder there is more violent, and there’s even the freezing Arctic Lake. With all these challenges, even a skilled cultivator would be unable to defend himself.”

“What a pity that he’s gone. He just wouldn’t listen back then!”

“Mr. Webber, should we tell Eclipse about Levi’s true identity? It won’t matter much now,” someone suggested.

Sylvan waved his hand. “What’s the point of adding fuel to the fire when he’s already dead? Let us not do terrible things like that.”

After a short pause, he remarked, “It seems like Dragon’s Grave Valley is indeed impenetrable!”

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