The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3912

Chapter 3912 Go Back To His Roots

Rumble! In an instant, a deep pit was formed on the extremely solid ground. Gravel and stones were sent flying.

The shock waves of Heavenly Thunder spread out in all directions, so Floyd hastily activated an energy shield to protect himself.

Although it did not cause any substantial damage, he was still physiologically affected by it. “That was close!” With lingering fear deep down, Floyd wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

If he had been struck by Heavenly Thunder earlier, he would have been killed almost immediately at his current cultivation level.

“Why did the Heavenly Thunder suddenly appear again?”

Floyd was puzzled. It had been calm, and his journey had been smooth before that. The weather was good, and the skies were bright and clear.

However, there were suddenly strong winds and thick dark clouds alongside the rumbling Heavenly Thunder. Could it be that there is some kind of problem in Dragon’s Grave Valley?

After all, Floyd had previously heard that there was constant Heavenly Thunder in the range of the Dragon’s Grave Valley.

He did not encounter any Heavenly Thunder when entering the non-core areas previously. It was probably a chain reaction caused by Levi’s intrusion into the core area of Dragon’s Grave Valley.

The restraining force from the ground also increased, echoing with the Heavenly Thunder.

No matter what’s going on, I have to go to the core area to check on Master, even if he has already suffered an accident.

After making up his mind, Floyd continued to move forward.

Before he could walk further, another Heavenly Thunder as thick as a bucket struck.

Its speed was even faster than the earlier one.

“I’m going to devour you.”

Feeling angry, Floyd directly activated extreme devouring technique to face Heavenly Thunder head-on.

However, he suddenly felt that the energy from Heavenly Thunder was too intense as it approached.

Before that, it was already very difficult for him to devour a small amount of lightning energy. Most importantly, it was beyond his control.

The energy possessed by this Heavenly Thunder is too strong. I’m afraid I’ll explode and die if I devour it rashly.

Thinking of that, Floyd hurriedly dodged it. He did not want to die before seeing Levi.

He thought that there was no need for him to risk his life in order to devour the Heavenly Thunder, especially when he had not avenged Gloria.

Master, please stay safe!

Floyd regained his composure and continued to head to Dragon’s Grave Valley at high speed.

Levi stood with his hands behind his back on the bank of Arctic Lake.

Compared to before, he had completely changed as his entire being was glowing.

In particular, the surface layer of his skin was like a crystal clear diamond, without a single trace of impurity, as it exuded an absolute sense of toughness.

Most importantly, he did not unleash any aura at that moment, just like an ordinary person, not a cultivator.

It was like he had gone back to his roots.

His state was like a calm sea—quiet and peaceful when there was no wind but capable of destroying the world once it erupted.

It would be an extinction-level disaster for everyone.

Although I don’t know what level Levi’s strength has reached, it should be no problem for him to kill the two sect leaders, Larissa thought.

After all, Levi could even withstand the terrifying blow formed by the gathering of Heavenly Thunder from all directions in the Dragon’s Grave Valley, so Larissa believed that he could resist all kinds of attacks.

Even the Heavenly Thunder and earth energy in the entire Dragon’s Grave Valley were tamed by Levi.

Since he had such terrifying power, he could go to the core areas of Kenfort with confidence.

“Have you marked the location of the Divine Bones that I asked you to find?” Levi suddenly asked.

The two women nodded robotically as if waking up from a dream.

“Show me the way,” said Levi with a smile.

Cheriette and Larissa hurriedly led the way. To their surprise, even the binding force of the earth ley line had disappeared without a trace.

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