The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3911

Chapter 3911 New Balance

Cheriette and Larissa were stunned by the sight of Levi suspended in mid-air like an ancient war god.

Still, their surprise paled in comparison to the admiration they harbored for Levi. “I can’t believe Master survived such a high-level Heavenly Thunder attack.”

“Lord Garrison’s capabilities are too terrifying.” “Even the two sect leaders couldn’t hold out against a round of bombardment from that huge lightning orb, right?”

“I wonder what’s Lord Garrison’s cultivation level now.” The two women subconsciously muttered. However, when they were about to approach him, lightning flashed and thunder boomed in the sky atop them.

Crack! Immediately afterward, a bulky bolt of Heavenly Thunder split the air and shot downward from the sky toward Cheriette and Larissa.

Colors drained from Larissa’s face as she became momentarily stunned and lost the ability to think.

Cheriette hastily dragged Larissa along, intending to avoid the attack. Unfortunately, the binding force of earth ley line below their feet had returned without them realizing it.

The sudden recurrence of the motion-inhibiting force took the ladies by surprise, causing them to stagger and fall to the ground.

“Ow!” the two girls yelped. They wanted to get up, but it was already too late, as the terrifying thunder was about to strike their energy shield in a split second.

Cheriette and Larissa were in the depths of despair. They were aware of the little energy left on their energy shield. Even resisting fallout from the Heavenly Thunder was taxing, not to mention withstanding a full blow of Heavenly Thunder.

Moreover, the two ladies had used up their stamina when searching for magical herbs earlier.

“Is this the end for us?”

“I don’t want to die yet!”

Grievances and helplessness filled their eyes. Ultimately, they could only watch as the thunderbolt drew closer and waited powerlessly for their imminent death.

At that crucial moment, Levi, who was initially situated far away, seemed to have teleported to the girls’ side.

Then, something strange and astonishing happened.

The Heavenly Thunder, which was about to hit their energy shield, abruptly changed its course, the way a speeding sports car suddenly swerved in a different direction when the driver jerked the vehicle’s steering wheel, turning ninety degrees, and struck Arctic Lake.

“What’s going on?”

The two ladies were so shocked by that unbelievable scene that they even forgot to breathe momentarily.

Shortly afterward, a few more streaks of Heavenly Thunder, initially aimed at the energy shield, went careering off course and pounded other places.

Subsequently, occasional Tricolor Thunderbolts struck Levi, but even that didn’t cause any damage to him as if they were just gentle breeze brushing against his skin.

Cheriette and Larissa, staying next to him, didn’t feel the impact of the Heavenly Thunder’s fallout either.

The current circumstances were completely different from before when even the shockwave from the fallout could injure them.

“This should be because I passed the Super Heavenly Thunder’s test. The Heavenly Thunder inside the Dragon’s Grave Valley has accepted me and would no longer reject and attempt to destroy me. A similar theory should apply in explaining why you two are not affected. The Heavenly Thunder wouldn’t target any people or objects in a certain radius around me. The energy in this place has achieved a new balance. You’ll be safe as long as you’re with me,” Levi explained.

Clarity washed over Cheriette and Larissa after listening to him.

At that instant, utter astonishment and respect for Levi overwhelmed them.

Meanwhile, Floyd had planned to continue rushing toward the core area.

Unexpectedly, a bizarre phenomenon occurred right after he took a few steps forward.

The initially calm and clear sky suddenly turned overcast. Thunder rolled across the sky the next second as the binding force beneath his feet steeply intensified.

“What’s happening?”

Caught in perplexity, he swiftly activated a technique to nullify the binding force and forge ahead.

Right then, a bolt of Heavenly Thunder as thick as the wingspan of an average adult suddenly crashed downward in Floyd’s direction.

“Holy sh*t! Why has the Heavenly Thunder returned?” he exclaimed while swiftly putting forth his best effort to dodge the attack.

The scorching Heavenly Thunder slammed against the ground, almost grazing the corners of his shirt in the process.

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