The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3910

Chapter 3910 Returned To Normal

The surge of powerful energy and the immense force of Heavenly Thunder struck at the same spot.

Rumble! Following the deafening booms, the black rock beneath Levi’s feet shattered, allowing him to break free from the force restraining him instantly.

At the same time, he stomped the ground with his feet and propelled himself upward like an arrow toward the remnant of the half-gigantic lightning orb in the air.

Swoosh! The violent buzzing sound of electricity rumbled continuously as electric arcs enveloped Levi’s body.

However, the insignificant electric attack could no longer inflict substantial harm on him. The clash lasted for some time. Ultimately, the enormous lightning orb gave up and gradually dispersed.

Levi floated upright in mid-air like an ancient war god gazing down at his subjects. He radiated an air of dominance and regality with his every move. “Is it finally over?” he muttered and lightly balled his fists.

At once, energy churned within him in response, but the moment he loosened his clenched hands, the energy dissipated immediately as if it was never there.

He felt he could control his power even better than before, being able to manipulate the energy in his body at will now.

When determining the quality of a sports car, an important parameter to measure was the time required for the vehicle to reach a traveling speed of hundred kilometers per hour.

At that moment, Levi could accelerate with almost negligible time and entirely decelerate from terminal speed in a split second.

That was the state of having perfect control over one’s power. Levi had never expected himself to accomplish that feat.

As for the other aspects of his abilities, another remarkable improvement was his physical strength, which had successfully attained a greater height.

Levi did not exhaust the force of Heavenly Thunder and energy of earth ley line earlier. After all, the earth ley line was useful to him in other ways. Such a unique earth ley line is undoubtedly the best material to forge an ultimate premium weapon.

A few moments later, the colossal lightning orb wholly scattered. Subsequently, the clear sky turned gray again as dense and dark clouds covered the sky.

The scene featuring Heavenly Thunder rolling across the sky reappeared above the atmosphere of Arctic Lake, expanding even to the entire core area. Simultaneously, the earth ley line’s bind vanished.

Everything seemed to have returned to its initial state. Nonetheless, the circumstances were now very different for Levi.

That was because the expulsion force of Dragon’s Grave Valley was no longer targeting Levi as if it had never existed.

After contemplating for a few seconds, he fathomed the reason behind it. My powers have exceeded the capacities of the Sea of Heavenly Thunder and earth ley line. I can even describe this paradigm as a form of communion on some levels. Since this place no longer thinks of me as a threat, all the regions have returned to normal, waiting for the arrival of the next foreign body before they relaunch an attack.

Meanwhile, members of the numerous sects trapped inside Dragon’s Grave Valley couldn’t help but sigh wistfully.

“The energy turbulence has finally ended. The insolent fool who entered the region seems to have already been eliminated.”

“Judging by the intensity of the energy outburst earlier, I doubt even the deities could survive.”

“Luckily, none of us barged into the area recklessly at that time. Otherwise, the chances for us to survive would be very slim.”

Fear lingered in the hearts of Eclipse’s two sect leaders because they had felt the eruption of energy just now more clearly than everyone else.

Both of them had no doubt that they would be instantly annihilated by the giant lightning orb, even if they resisted by releasing all the energy within them.

If even we will suffer such a terrible outcome, there’s no way that rash scoundrel can survive.

A similar thought surfaced in the minds of the two sect leaders.

Floyd, hastily moving toward the core area, abruptly halted. He broke down in devastation when he noticed the far-away gigantic lightning orb dissipating.

“Master, I failed to reach you in time, after all! How could this happen? Why did you risk your life by coming here to seek treasure? Master, I’m coming to see you off one last time!” Floyd wailed at the sky.

Then, he pulled himself together and continued rushing forward.

However, a bizarre phenomenon suddenly happened after Floyd took a few steps ahead.

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