The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3909

Chapter 3909 The Most Powerful Attack

Suddenly, an ear-piercing sound could be heard as the giant lightning orb fell and hit Levi’s body directly.

At that moment, all Levi could hear was a ringing. He heard nothing else from his surroundings.

Right then, a bolt of Heavenly Thunder so hot and powerful it seemed to burn everything it hit struck Levi. It was as though it wanted to rip him into pieces.

The earth ley line was not making Levi’s situation any easier, either. Just as his legs had finally broken free from the ground, the earth ley line quickly restrained them.

“Oh, what perfect timing.”

Left without a choice, Levi could only shift his attention to deal with the earth ley line’s force that was pulling him downward.


Just then, the space seemed to be tearing apart. Even Levi was starting to feel a slight pain.

Coupled with the lightning orb’s most powerful attack earlier, he was beginning to feel numb all over his body, and the intensity was still increasing.

Most importantly, it was affecting Levi’s reflexes in every way. Nonetheless, the lightning energy continued attacking persistently, finding every opportunity to strike him.

Thankfully, Levi was a pure physical cultivator, or he would have been completely destroyed by the Heavenly Thunder’s attack.


Levi suddenly let out a roar. Despite his strong physique, he still felt severe pain coursing through his body.

The lightning energy had even seeped into his sweat glands to try to destroy every cell in his body.

In the meantime, the power of the earth ley line grew stronger, as though it was going to separate Levi’s legs from his body.

Levi’s screams carried on as the pain grew more intense.

Just when Levi thought half of the Super Heavenly Thunder had come to pass, a water sword as thick as a grown man’s arm shot out from the calm waters of the Arctic Lake.

The water sword had sparks shooting out from it as it carried the same terrifying lightning energy.

What was worth noting was that the water sword emanated a bone-chilling, hostile aura that felt as if it could turn everything it touched into ice.

In the meantime, the lightning energy released a scorching heat, increasing the temperature of the frozen area and finally causing it to shatter due to the extreme temperature changes.


The water sword shot out and aimed for Levi’s heart.

Levi’s eyes narrowed when he deduced the water sword’s true intentions.

The Heavenly Thunder must’ve realized that my body is stronger than an ordinary person’s, so it’s planning to freeze me using the sword and then heat me up after that. Anyone, no matter how strong they are, would be dead under such extreme temperature changes. Dragon’s Grave Valley’s Heavenly Thunder is really like no other. It can actually work with the earth ley line and Arctic Lake to make such a powerful attack, Levi exclaimed inwardly, impressed by the discovery. He surmised the water sword must contain all of Arctic Lake’s coldness. Hence, he swore to be extra careful, or his life could be in terrible danger.

With that, he activated the basic techniques to the max.

The truth was, he had never put in so much effort when dealing with fighters in the past. And now, he was putting in his all to resist the combination attack from the Heavenly Thunder.

Noting the water sword would reach him in the blink of an eye, he decided to face it by allowing its extreme cold to enter him to prevent the outer layer of his body from hardening further.


With a loud cracking sound, the water sword shattered. In the end, only a few inches were left from its original length, which was a few feet long.

Finally, it shattered completely.

In the meantime, Levi kept taking steps backward, gasping as he felt the sharp pain travel in his body again.

He did not expect the water sword to be so powerful.

Levi was stunned, especially when he felt the chilling sensation. It made him feel as if he had turned into an ice sculpture.

Even his limbs were stiff. He barely recovered from it after activating his basic techniques for some time.

“Take this!” Levi roared and released a powerful wave of energy from his body.

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