The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3908

Chapter 3908 I Am Going To Kill You

A horrifying pressure from the thunder permeated the entire space, leaving a deathly silence around the Arctic Lake.

Like the quiet before the storm, it filled everyone’s hearts with anxiousness and fear.

Following that was a violent trembling beneath their feet. Although the women did their best to balance themselves, they could not withstand the force and crashed to the ground.

Thankfully, the earth ley line’s force holding them to the ground was gone. Otherwise, they would be panicking about getting sucked into the ground.

That was when Cheriette and Larissa finally understood how those Divine Bones ended up in the ground.

They were most likely pulled into the ground due to the earth ley line’s restraining force. And with the strikes from the Heavenly Thunder, it was only natural for something like that to happen.

The thought of that scared them out of their wits and left them panting heavily.

In that short period, about seventy percent of their energy shields were already shattered by the Heavenly Thunder’s pressure.

The remaining sections were still holding on. If not for most of the lightning energy aiming for Levi, the women would have been crushed long ago.

“Is Master all right?”

“Is Lord Garrison all right?”

Once again, the women shifted their gazes to the dazzling lightning.

A faint figure could be seen trembling slightly in it, as if a beast trapped inside was struggling to get out.

At that moment, Levi could feel a slight pressure, especially when the giant lightning orb kept shrinking.

The pressure from the lightning and the terrifying restraining force from the ground made him drop several meters in the air.

What powerful lightning energy!

Levi was shocked, but he quickly recomposed himself.

He knew that once the lightning orb shrunk to a certain degree, it would be dealing him a fatal strike.

Sure enough, moments later, the lightning orb struck and completely covered the area he was in.

Crackle! Crackle!

Deafening crackling filled the air. As Levi narrowed his eyes, he could clearly see the area where the lightning orb passed severely distorting.

It was as if a foreign storm had swept over the Arctic Lake.

In fact, Levi felt like the space was being compressed. It was as if the lightning orb was going to destroy all living things in the area.

“I’m going to kill you!” Levi hissed and charged at the lightning orb.


The thundering sound of a collision echoed in the air as if two planets had collided with each other.

Sparks instantly shot out in various directions, and waves of energy swept over the area, leaving the place looking like a piece of crumpled paper.

Both sides remained at an impasse for about thirty seconds before Levi fell and finally hit the ground.


Rubble flew out from the ground, and the spot where the lightning orb struck first was reduced to dust.

Even with such a strong body, Levi could still feel excruciating pain. Many parts of his body were scratched up from the fall.

Nonetheless, that was not the end of it. The terrifying lightning orb did not disappear from the impact.

Interestingly, it seemed to have a spiritual sense. It kept changing its form to envelope Levi’s body and attack him from every direction.

At the same time, as if the lightning orb had communicated with the earth ley line, the energy the latter had been gathering for a while suddenly exploded and restrained Levi’s legs.

“You guys cooperate quite well, huh?” Levi muttered, unamused by the situation.

Despite exercising his powers twice, he still could not break free from the earth ley line’s constraint.

Of course, it was mostly due to the lightning orb’s incredible force. The earth ley line’s strength alone was not enough to restrain Levi.

“This is the moment to test if I can completely metamorphose.”

With a yell, Levi quickly channeled his technique and allowed the lightning energy to enter his body.

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