The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3907

Chapter 3907 Their Survival Depends On Levi

Meanwhile, Floyd was also advancing forward at great speed. However, he was confounded as he did not encounter any obstacles at all.

Before coming here, Floyd had learned that Dragon’s Grave Valley was unusually dangerous, and the Heavenly Thunder could strike randomly. That was the reason many fighters never returned once they went there.

“Is Dragon’s Grave Valley really as scary as the rumors describe it to be?”

He scoffed in his heart. At that very moment, all he could feel was the slight energy restraint from the ground. Even so, that energy restraint was something negligible for Floyd.

Right then, a violent wave of energy swept past the area. “How powerful! What on earth is happening in there?” he asked himself.

Floyd was shocked to the core. Even though he had released his energy to resist the force, he was still sent flying into the distance.

“How could it be so powerful when I’m so far from it? Exactly how powerful will it be if I’m near it?”

Floyd could not snap out of the shock. Just then, he saw dazzling lights bursting out of the giant ball of lightning in the distance.

Immediately, a terrifying surge of energy spilled out and assaulted an area in the distance.

“Is this Master’s doing? Or is Master getting attacked by the Heavenly Thunder?”

Feeling extremely concerned about Levi’s situation, Floyd decided he should continue hurrying toward the core area.

He had only advanced about five to six meters when another terrifying surge of energy came rolling over.

“T-This is too terrifying…”

No matter how hard he tried to defend himself against the force, he was, yet again, thrown out like a kite with a broken string. It was not until he was sent about thirty meters backward that he managed to steady himself.

What terrified him the most was that he could feel the urge to vomit blood due to the blow.

As he lifted his head to glance in the distance, he noticed the lightning orb glowing again.

Lightning then began pouring down and continuously hitting the core area.

From a distance, it looked as if the sky had a huge crack, and silver lights kept pouring down from it.

At the same time, the thunder and lightning were becoming more intense in the distant sky. It was as if the world was coming to an end, and all living things would cease to exist at that moment.

Energy storms kept rolling over, causing many trees in the distance to be uprooted.

Not only that, but dark clouds around the area began descending so low that one could touch them if they were to lift their hands. However, there were no sounds of thunder coming from it.

“Master must be in danger. I’ve got to hurry over and take a look.”

Clenching his jaw, Floyd unleashed a technique to defend himself against the energy storm.

He never stopped in his tracks, no matter how hard it was to walk in that situation.

Cheriette and Larissa, who were looking for the Divine Bones and magical herbs, suddenly paused in their task.

That was because the entire core area of Dragon’s Grave Valley began vibrating violently, and the earth ley line’s energy was rushing toward Levi’s location.

Most importantly, it reduced the pressure the two women had felt.


A bright light flashed past as if it had split the sky in half.

The massive lightning orb began shrinking quickly, but not only was its energy not affected, it even seemed to be getting stronger.

At the same time, bolts of dazzling Heavenly Thunder came striking down as if an ancient beast was venting its anger.

Levi was already fully engulfed by the Heavenly Thunder. If not for the energy fluctuations he emanated, the two women would have thought he had been struck dead by the lightning.

Even so, they were so nervous that their hearts pounded wildly. After all, their fate depended on his survival.

Of course, the fact that Levi could hang on until that moment was very unexpected.

“L-Look! The lightning orb looks as if it’s about to fall!”

Cheriette’s voice was trembling violently.

Larissa, too, instinctively covered her mouth in terror.

In just a short amount of time, the lightning orb, which was originally covering half of the Arctic Lake, had shrunk significantly.

Suddenly, the space around the lightning orb distorted as the dark clouds dissipated. It was a dazzling sight that no one could look at directly.

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