The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3906

Chapter 3906 The Real Secret

The two women fled until they were about thirty meters away from Levi. Only then did the pressure from the earth ley line reduce.

Of course, its energy was still present, but it was not powerful enough to harm their bodies.

“I wonder how Master is doing,” said Larissa with concern.

Cheriette was silent for a moment before she remarked, “There’s no Heavenly Thunder here, so Lord Garrison is still safe for now.”

With that, they glanced toward the massive ball of lightning in the distance.

The white light from the electricity looked like an upside-down milky way, and Levi was completely covered in it.

Despite being so far from the source, they could still feel its power.

Hopefully he can get out of this safely.

They prayed the same prayer in their hearts, partially to reassure themselves that Levi would be fine.

Meanwhile, Levi was surrounded by thunderbolts that were trying to destroy his body.

However, thanks to the basic techniques, the thunderbolts were only strengthening Levi’s body and meridians.

As if realizing its attack had backfired, the lightning orb increased the frequency of its attacks.

“You’ve got quite the temper, eh?” Levi scoffed. He then began metamorphosing to increase his abilities, which allowed him to gain even more endurance toward the lightning.

Even the numbing sensation was gone.

Now I know why this sea of Heavenly Thunder keeps growing stronger and refusing to dissipate.

Suddenly, Levi had an epiphany.

The source might be the earth ley line underneath me. If I’m right, this place should have an incredibly powerful spiritual ley line.

It must be forcefully bringing the Heavenly Thunder down to nourish itself, allowing it to continue becoming stronger.

Eventually, both elements achieved some kind of energy equilibrium.

The stronger the spiritual ley line became, the more powerful the Heavenly Thunder it attracted.

In the beginning, the Heavenly Thunder would disappear as the spiritual ley line continued to grow. Finally, they reached a balance where they continued urging each other’s growth.

That was the secret of how the Sea of Heavenly Thunder managed to stay there and grow stronger.

“It’s quite similar to Chad’s remedial ley line,” Levi mumbled to himself.

Though the remedial ley line was smaller, it ran on the same logic as the earth ley line of Dragon’s Grave Valley.

Spiritual ley lines like that were the best for nourishing magical herbs. Of course, it was even more suitable to forge weapons.

In fact, it was even better than a small dragon ley line, let alone a divine or holy ley line.

“If that’s the case, I should use the earth ley line and Heavenly Thunder to strengthen my body and meridians.”

Levi was well aware that he had angered the Heavenly Thunder and the special spiritual ley line.

That was why they were doing everything in their power to get their revenge.

However, as long as Levi could overcome the situation, he would advance to a new cultivation level and become much stronger than expected.

In the meantime, the fighters of various sects who were waiting outside could feel a powerful surge of energy.

“What’s wrong with the ground? Why does it feel like there’s something absorbing its power and causing a powerful tremor?”

“That’s not all. The Heavenly Thunder’s energy is just too terrifying. We’re so far away from it, yet it still turned these trees into ashes.”

“I could’ve died on the spot if the two sect leaders hadn’t stepped in.”

They could feel the earth ley line’s energy rushing toward the core area of Dragon’s Grave Valley.

At the same time, they felt the power of Heavenly Thunder, especially the ball of lightning that glowed in the distance as if it could crush the entire valley.

That was the exact reason the two sect leaders of Eclipse had ordered all their members to retreat to someplace more than a dozen kilometers away.

Unfortunately, some slower fighters were struck by the remaining waves from the Heavenly Thunder.

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