The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3905

Chapter 3905 Let Me See Your Strength

It was as if Levi was trapped in a world devoid of color. All he could see around him were the white flashes of lightning, scorching hot and blindingly bright.

Even the very fabric of space where the Heavenly Thunder was attacking was distorting. “What potent lightning energy!”

Levi was alarmed when he realized that he felt a sharp tingling sensation that turned into numbness whenever the lightning touched his skin.

Although the sensation only lasted for a split second, it had never happened before in any other Heavenly Thunder attack.

This was enough to show that the Heavenly Thunder unleashed by the giant lightning orb was purer and more powerful than any other ordinary Heavenly Thunder.

No wonder it took so long to gather all that lightning! It must have taken all that time to refine and purify the power of the Heavenly Thunder to make it that much more lethal!


Lightning sparks danced across Levi’s skin, emitting high-pitched crackles.

At that moment, Levi, who had already jumped into the air, felt a powerful force dragging him back to the ground.

“Is this going to be a two-pronged attack?”

Levi resisted the force with all his strength. However, his body still descended involuntarily for a short distance. The gravity of the pulling force became stronger as he got closer to the ground.

At the same time, the giant lightning orb unleashed a second wave of Heavenly Thunder down on him. Each bolt of lightning threatened to smash Levi into the ground.

Levi was unnerved. He had not expected the earth ley line and the Heavenly Thunder in the Dragon’s Grave Valley to interact with each other in such a way. It was as though they were all spiritually aware.

Such a cooperative and destructive attack was launched at any creature who disrupted the energy balance of this area in order to restore the balance.

At that moment, Levi was undoubtedly guilty of destroying the balance.

However, after withstanding the first wave of lightning, Levi’s physical strength and speed had increased.

The effect was greater than that of metamorphosing at a large dragon ley line, which came as a pleasant surprise to Levi.

Although there were dangers to resisting a Heavenly Thunder attack, the benefits were well worth the effort.

“I want to see how strong the Heavenly Thunder can be! Keep coming at me!”

Levi gathered all his strength and turned to face the barrage of Heavenly Thunder rushing toward him.

Larissa and Cheriette, on the other hand, were still deep in their search. However, the thrum of the ley line’s powers under their feet was too much to bear. It took all their strength just to lift their foot to take a single step.

Eventually, it was difficult for them to even move. It felt as if an ancient beast laying beneath the ground was threatening to break through the surface at any moment.

The power of the ley line twisted and disfigured their energy shields until several layers actually shattered. It was then the two women began panicking.

However, at that moment, Levi’s entire attention was devoted to resisting the Heavenly Thunder attack. He had no time to repair the energy shields for the women.

“The power of the ley line is too strong! I don’t think my body can bear it anymore!” Cheriette cried out. Her voice trembled with exertion.

Larissa was not much stronger than Cheriette. The force of the earth ley line seemed to be tearing her apart, and all her efforts to resist had no effect on it.


The sound of a bone fracturing was swiftly followed by Cheriette’s high-pitched scream. The force had overcome her and caused a fracture in her leg.

Just as the two women were about to be overwhelmed, the force suddenly disappeared as if it had all been in their imagination.


The women could feel the power of the earth ley line rushing in Levi’s direction.

It was as if something was drawing the power of the earth ley line away from them and toward Levi.

“That was so close!”

Cheriette rubbed her right leg, and a piercing pain shot up her body. She quickly took an elixir which immediately eased the pain.

“We shouldn’t stay here for too long. Let’s go further away,” Larissa suggested.

Cheriette nodded in agreement. She, too, did not dare to linger any longer. The memory of the terrifying force still haunted her.

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