The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3904

Chapter 3904 Someone In Hiding

Larissa’s delicate frame was trembling all over as she watched Levi intently. At that moment, the matter of her life and death depended on him bringing them through this attack.

If she were being honest with herself, Larissa had little confidence in Levi.

Although Levi had extraordinary fighting skills, the giant lightning orb floating in the sky had drawn all the lightning energy from Dragon’s Grave Valley.

It was enough lightning energy to destroy the entire world.

Even the armor forged from the hardest material from Kenfort would be turned into ashes in an instant, let alone their soft human flesh.

“You two go and mark the locations of the Divine Bones and the magical herbs. Don’t worry about how we’re going to get them. Go now! Quick!” Levi ordered.

Levi was completely focused, his eyebrows tightly knitted in concentration. All his attention was channeled into the present moment.

The stray crackles of energy released by the giant lightning orb felt dangerously violent, and Levi knew he had to be very cautious.

The two women did not question Levi and hurried to search for the Divine Bones and magical herbs as he had requested.

Naturally, Cheriette and Larissa did not dare to enter the Arctic Lake. They only looked carefully around the shoreline.

The energy in the Arctic Lake was more powerful than ever. It may be because lightning energy had seeped into its waters.

The air, too, was icier than it was before. Although the two women kept using their techniques to keep out the cold, their limbs still felt stiff and frozen.

Even the restraining energy humming from the earth ley lines on the shore was stronger than it had been. It could be felt by the two women even through the thick energy shield separating their feet from the ground.

All this was making it difficult for Cheriette and Larissa to move. Their feet felt heavy, and they were so tired that they were soon out of breath.

The cold air was accompanied by sparks of electric energy crackling in the atmosphere. It was as if the God of Thunder himself had descended into the mortal world. The women could not help being awed by the sight.

However, unbeknownst to them, a pair of eyes had been watching them in secret.

Levi, who was deep in his preparation for the Heavenly Thunder attack, turned around suddenly. Whether consciously or not, he cast his eyes in a certain direction.

At that moment, Levi could feel someone watching him covertly.

However, just as he lifted his head to look, the feeling disappeared.

Levi immediately sent his energy out to probe the surrounding area, but there was nothing to be found.

The Heavenly Thunder attack is imminent. I have to put everything else aside until this matter is dealt with!

Levi turned his attention back to preparing for the inevitable assault of the Heavenly Thunder.

Before the thought had even left his head, a sudden terrifying force erupted from beneath his feet.

Crack! Crack!

Caught off guard, Levi’s feet sank into the ground.

Then came the power of the earth ley line. This time, the center of the power was focused on Levi.

It was as if it was trying to tear Levi’s body into quarters, limb from limb.

“It seems this is just a taste of the Heavenly Thunder attack!”

Levi ran through some basic techniques. His feet began exerting force to counteract the terrifying force trying to tear him apart.


The violent force dissipated, and the terrible feeling of being torn apart subsided. Levi felt as light as a bird as he regained control of his body.

At that moment, the giant lightning orb suddenly moved to hover above Levi’s head.


Bolts of Heavenly Thunder rained down on Levi so rapidly that there was nowhere for Levi to run to.

It was as if the entire galaxy was rushing down toward him.

“Is it finally happening?”

Levi’s eyes flashed dangerously as his fighting spirit kicked in. He had no plans on avoiding the Heavenly Thunder strikes bombarding him.

The burning sensation, coupled with the formidable energy of the lightning, was terrifying. He ran through several techniques before leaping into the air, right into the middle of the attacks.

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