The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3903

Chapter 3903 Cannot Get Near Divine Bones

Cheriette grew even more excited after Larissa confirmed her surmise. Seeing as they had completed Levi’s order, they could finally leave the dangerous place.

The two women hurriedly approached the Divine Bone. However, the electric clouds on the surface of the lake buzzed erratically as soon as they took a few steps toward it.

Then, a terrifying blaze of thunder struck their energy shield. Kaboom! The surface of the energy shield cracked open, and the outer layers shattered.

Not only that, but the purple blaze of thunder was also able to penetrate through their shield and shoot right at Larissa and Cheriette.

The two women hurriedly used their techniques to defend themselves. Still, they were sent hurtling off into the distance before smashing heavily on the ground.

Both Larissa and Cheriette coughed out mouthfuls of blood as their breaths weakened.

Luckily, they were able to patch up their energy shield in time and did not suffer further injuries. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have survived.

“That wave of energy is too great. We can’t even get near the Divine Bone,” Cheriette said in a defeated manner as she wiped the blood dribbling down the corner of her mouth.

Larissa sighed and said helplessly, “It would seem the Divine Bone has fused with the energy of Arctic Lake, especially since it seems to have a mind of its own. We’re considered hostile whenever we’re in its vicinity, and it will attack us with lightning energy.”

Nothing felt more depressing than being in the vicinity of a great treasure yet being unable to seize it.

The lightning energy of Arctic Lake was enough to annihilate Cheriette and Larissa. No amount of energy shields would be able to save them.

Just as Larissa surmised, the Divine Bone had become one with Arctic Lake. Nothing would happen if they stayed put and did not try to seize it.

On the contrary, it would launch the lightning energy of Arctic Lake as soon as anyone attempted to get near it.

The realization made Larissa and Cheriette exchange despairing glances with each other.

“Judging by the intensity of the lightning energy, I reckon nobody will be able to get near Arctic Lake, let alone go into the lake to look for other magical herbs. Even if the sect leader of Eclipse falls into the lake, I’m afraid that he, too, will be pulverized within a second,” Cheriette said with a sigh.

Larissa did not object to her statement as it resonated with her own thoughts as well.

After all, more Divine Bones were buried deep within Arctic Lake, and only parts of a femur bone were visible. One would have to dive into the frigid lake to gather the treasure.

Seeing that it was already difficult to even get near Arctic Lake, diving into the lake was mission impossible.

“It would seem like this Divine Bone possesses some formidable energy as well. I think it has integrated lightning energy from the lightning strikes over the years,” Larissa explained.

Exasperation was written all over her face. Even if they somehow managed to get through Arctic Lake, Larissa was certain that even touching the Divine Bone was enough to decimate them.

“Master, we can’t even get close to the Divine Bone!”

“That’s right, Lord Garrison. We couldn’t overcome the lightning energy at Arctic Lake!”

The two women turned back and reported to Levi.


Before Levi could reply to them, however, the rumbling thunder in the sky stopped abruptly, and even the electric clouds hovering atop Arctic Lake dissipated.

Then, it was all silent.

Levi did not appear relaxed at the seemingly favorable change. On the contrary, he grew solemn.

Cheriette and Larissa immediately looked toward the lightning orb hovering atop the lake, and all color drained from their faces.

They couldn’t help but shudder at the sight as their breathing turned rapid and shallow. It was as if they had encountered a horrifying demon.

The lightning orb had expanded to the size of a football field. It emanated such glaring lights that nobody could look at it directly.

The terrifying pressure of lightning energy incited feelings of despair in the people who were in its vicinity.

“This Heavenly Thunder could spell doom for the entire world!” Cheriette remarked as she cast an apprehensive look at Levi.

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