The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3882

Chapter 3882 Transportation Team

After taking a few steps forward, Levi suddenly stopped walking. “That’s more like it! You still have time to turn back now!”

“Haha! He was just pretending just now!” “I actually thought he was someone incredible!” Levi slowly turned around and said to the bounty hunters, “By the way, please stay here and wait for me to come out.”

“What do you mean?” one of the leaders of the bounty hunters asked in a deep voice.

With a smile, Levi explained, “When I come out from Dragon’s Grave Valley later, I’ll surely have a lot of magical herbs with me. It’ll be hard for me to carry everything on my own. Since there are so many of you here, please act as my transportation team. Don’t worry. I’ll reward all of you after that.”

Levi then left without turning back, disappearing from everyone’s sight a few seconds later. It took the bounty hunters a long while to come back to their senses.

“What the f*ck? That guy is so pretentious! If one didn’t know better, one would easily mistake him for one of Kenfort’s mighty beings!”

“How dare he ask us to act as his transportation team? How shameless is he?”

“Forget about it. Let’s just wait for him here. If he comes out with a lot of resources, we’ll enjoy the fruits of his labor.”

“Even if he’s lucky enough to escape death, the Heavenly Thunder will surely injure him badly. By then, we can kill him effortlessly.”

“In that case, I’m starting to look forward to seeing him succeed.”

Although Levi was already far away from them, he could hear them loud and clear. His smile grew even wider after he heard what they said.

Meanwhile, the spies Prime Association had sent out had found out that Levi was going into Dragon’s Grave Valley, and they were all shocked to the core.

Prior to that, Sylvan had sent the guide openly, but he had also sent out a lot of spies discreetly to know more about Levi.

The spies then immediately sent the information back to Prime Association’s branch in Lightspring.

Likewise, Sylvan was stupefied when he received the information. Before this, I thought Levi would bring other fighters with him to go there. Who would’ve known that he would end up bringing two ladies with him to Dragon’s Grave Valley? He’s even planning on using Super Heavenly Thunder for his metamorphosis.

“This guy is insane!” Sylvan couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Mr. Webber, should we help him?” one of the council members of Prime Association asked tentatively.

“Help him? How are we supposed to do that?” Sylvan laughed bitterly. “Dragon’s Grave Valley is a dangerous place. No matter how many people we send there, they’ll all end up dying. How about this? Send around ten fighters to the edge of Dragon’s Grave Valley to back him up. If Levi comes out alive, we can tell him we’re doing him a favor. If he dies, we don’t lose anything.”

“Understood!” the council members of Prime Association answered in unison.

As he watched everyone leave, Sylvan muttered to himself, “Levi, I would really like to see you coming out alive.”

At the same time, words about Levi and the other two entering and exiting Lightspring to trade with Prime Association spread like wildfire. People also heard about how many elites they had killed.

Needless to say, those two pieces of news quickly attracted Eclipse’s attention.

Some of the sects had even identified Levi as the Fearless Robber.

Those sects then quickly went to Eclipse and told the council members of Eclipse about it.

Upon hearing the news, Eclipse sent out a huge army of elites toward Dragon’s Grave Valley. In fact, two of the sect leaders joined the army.

Naturally, the sect leaders brought hundreds of their forces along.

Their plan was to use those forces as cannon fodder. After all, they didn’t know exactly how strong the Fearless Robber was.

They knew it could be pointless to outnumber him, but they were hoping that the forces could at least tire him out.

“No matter what, we must destroy that scoundrel!” Walden ordered.

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