The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3880

Chapter 3880 Consequences For Your Arrogance

This fellow has balls of steel, doesn’t he? Cheriette commented inwardly. If we can feel how terrifying Heavenly Thunder is from so far away, I can’t imagine what it’s going to feel like once we get closer. Although he’s strong, does he need to take such a huge risk?

Larissa’s jaw almost dropped in shock. Levi’s blue-sky thinking rendered her speechless.

Compared to Cheriette, Larissa was even more aware of the danger Dragon’s Grave Valley posed. Even the council members of Eclipse wouldn’t dare to come here. If my memory serves me right, a few of the elite fighters from Eclipse had gone to Dragon’s Grave Valley to look for Divine Bones as well. They had even chosen to enter the area during the period when Heavenly Thunder wasn’t as active. In the end, they were still killed. They suffered such horrible deaths that they were reduced to ashes. Is Levi brave, or is he just foolish?

An inexplicably complex range of emotions glinted in Larissa’s eyes as he stared at Levi from behind. Even though Levi is a pure physical cultivator, Heavenly Thunder in Dragon’s Grave Valley is still going to disintegrate him. Despite what’s going to happen to him, that’s actually a chance for me to escape!

At that moment, Larissa began looking forward to arriving in Dragon’s Grave Valley. Judging by Levi’s personality, I think he’s someone who’s willing to risk it all even when he’s not entirely sure of something. There will be consequences for your arrogance, Levi. You’ll surely pay dearly for your actions.

Levi continued forging ahead at full tilt without knowing what those two ladies were thinking about.


After walking for another dozen miles, the three of them suddenly heard the sound of something shattering.

Levi frowned slightly when he saw the web-like cracks spreading across the outermost layer of the energy shield.

“Did the outermost layer of the energy shield actually break? It seems like we’re getting closer to Dragon’s Grave Valley,” Levi uttered in a deep voice.

Fortunately for them, Levi’s energy shield was thick enough.

Still, the shattering of the outermost layer showed how powerful the energy in the area was.

Seeing that, Cheriette and Larissa both grew anxious. If Levi hadn’t deployed so many layers of energy shield, we would have had so much trouble moving around!

“Look! The sky here looks different.” There was a hint of panic in Cheriette’s voice.

Levi glanced in the direction Cheriette was pointing and noticed that the area he had just entered had dark clouds in the sky.

The feeling was so uncomfortable that it was as if they could touch the dark clouds by simply raising their hands in the air.

The sky in the previous area was clear. The obvious difference made them feel as though they had just entered another world.


Above the dark clouds, deafening thunderclaps could be heard from time to time.

A while ago, they could barely hear the thunderclaps. In the blink of an eye, however, they felt as though they were right next to the rumbling thunders. In fact, they would’ve gone deaf if not for the energy shield.

“It’s better if you guys use your own techniques to fight the suppressing force, too. I can sense an aura coming from inside there. The aura seems to belong to a cultivator instead of a beast. I don’t know who’s there, so we better be careful,” Levi urged.

Cheriette and Larissa nodded in response, surprised. Looks like Dragon’s Grave Valley is still an attractive place to visit. That’s understandable, though. Dragon’s Grave Valley has countless Divine Bones. Although Heavenly Thunder here can kill cultivators, the treasures here are worth it.

The trio continued to walk forward, and the tense atmosphere became more and more apparent.

It was especially obvious when more and more layers of the energy shield Levi released had been shattered. Even the middle part of the shield had been squeezed and deformed.

“Look there! They look like bounty hunters,” Cheriette suddenly said.

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