The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3879

Chapter 3879 Welfare Center

With Levi protecting them, Larissa and Cheriette suddenly felt relieved. At the same time, they stopped feeling as though something was suppressing the energy in their bodies.

Cheriette glanced at Levi’s slightly thin figure and felt an unprecedented peace of mind.

As the three of them continued moving forward, Levi noticed something extremely strange about the forest. Not a single beast or insect could be found here. In fact, the forest was dead silent. It was a feeling that could make a person feel anxious.

Levi tried to release a wave of energy to see if there were any living things in the vicinity, yet he found nothing.

“It’s as if this place forbids the existence of life,” Cheriette suddenly commented. Larissa felt the same way too, and she was starting to panic.

She got even more scared when she recalled all the weird things about Dragon’s Grave Valley that her two sect leaders had told her about.

The three of them walked for another twenty-odd miles. Apart from the weird-looking rocks and the vines over their heads, they found no sign of life.

“This is so weird!” Levi frowned slightly. The scale of lifelessness here is much larger than the secret realm discovered in the mundane world.

As they continued their journey, the routes in the jungle got more and more challenging to walk on. If not for their prowess, they would have been slowed down by quite a lot.

After another dozen of miles, Levi suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“What is it, Lord Garrison?” Cheriette asked nervously.

In a deep voice, Levi said, “There’s an extremely powerful wave of energy gathered in the sky in the southeast direction. Have you guys sensed it?”

Cheriette shook her head in response. A few moments later, Larissa said, “The energy is horrifying. That should be the location of Dragon’s Grave Valley.”

Levi threw an approving glance at Larissa. This woman’s capability is a level above Cheriette’s.

“You could be right. The energy is terrifying and violent. Apart from the power of Heavenly Thunder, I don’t think any other power falls into this category,” Levi said emotionally.

Levi had strong sensing ability, so he could clearly tell that the energy they felt was a lot scarier that the energy a large dragon ley line held.

Apparently, the source of the energy is thunder. Didn’t Gloria use the Heavenly Thunder for her metamorphosis from the Esoteric Guild’s Thunder-Summoning Technique to increase her cultivation level? Does that mean I can try it out too? Furthermore, based on the information provided by Sylvan, Dragon’s Grave Valley’s Heavenly Thunder is more powerful. That means it’s better for my metamorphosis.

With that in mind, Levi couldn’t help but smile.

“A-Are you all right, Lord Garrison?” Cheriette asked tentatively.

We have such a huge obstacle ahead. No matter how strong he is, shouldn’t he treat the situation seriously? Why is he smiling? Is he disregarding the mightiness of Dragon’s Grave Valley?

Larissa was also just as confused. If Levi hadn’t forced me, I would’ve left this place long ago.

“I’m planning on using Dragon’s Grave Valley’s Heavenly Thunder for my metamorphosis. At the same time, I can look for Divine Bones. I’m killing two birds with one stone!” Levi’s smile grew wider because he was filled with excitement.

The ladies were dumbfounded as they watched Levi pick up his pace.

Everyone fears Dragon’s Grave Valley, but he’s treating the place as if it’s a welfare center! Cheriette was at a loss for words. In the face of the terrifying Heavenly Thunder in the Dragon’s Grave Valley, even the leaders of large sects would proceed with caution. Some of them would even avoid coming! Unless absolutely necessary, they would never step into an area prone to Heavenly Thunder. The previous leader of Astre Lune Sect was most probably killed by Heavenly Thunder. Meanwhile, Levi is planning to use Heavenly Thunder for his metamorphosis. Doesn’t he fear death?

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