The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3878

Chapter 3878 Force

Although Dragon’s Grave Valley was a perilous place, Levi wasn’t afraid at all because he was determined to obtain Divine Bones.

Not daring to waste a single second, the guide picked up the pace.

He wouldn’t dare to disobey Levi’s order after seeing how terrifyingly strong Levi was.

After continuing their journey for about six days, they finally arrived in front of a swamp.

“Mr. Garrison, the map Prime Association provided ends here. From here onward, I no longer know the route. However, I know that if you guys keep moving forward, a primeval forest will show up after the swamp. It’s said that Dragon’s Grave Valley is deep within the forest. The most notable feature of the Dragon’s Grave Valley is the continuous Heavenly Thunder. In fact, a Super Heavenly Thunder will occur in Dragon’s Grave Valley every few months. You should be able to hear it,” the guide uttered respectfully.

Levi nodded in response. “You can go back now. We’ll go forward on our own.”

With a grateful expression, the guide said, “Thank you for your compassion, Mr. Garrison.”

Given his cultivation level, the guide knew how dangerous it would be for him to go forward. He could even die at any time.

After the guide left, Levi waved at the two ladies and said, “Stop daydreaming. Let’s go!”

At that time, Cheriette and Larissa had gone pale.

Although they were utterly terrified, they had no choice but to brace themselves to move forward alongside Levi.

Levi led the way while the ladies followed closely behind. Occasionally, they would glance around nervously.

The swamp seemed endless. Fortunately, the three of them were using their techniques as they moved. Otherwise, it would be really difficult for them to walk.

After walking for roughly a dozen miles, the trio arrived at the edge of a forest.

“Huh?” Suddenly, Levi felt something weird. It seems as though an invisible force has filled the area, and it’s slowing down my techniques. I had the same feeling when I first entered the mundane world. I should be careful.

“Indeed, this place is weird. It feels like something is making it hard for us to move.” There was a hint of distress in Cheriette’s tone. If not for Levi’s presence, she would’ve run away a long time ago.

“Lord Slabey told me that a force had been formed due to the discharge of the power of Heavenly Thunder in Dragon’s Grave Valley over the years. Naturally, an invincible force in the area will cause a sense of obstruction that makes it difficult for people to move. People with lower cultivation levels would suffer internal injuries if they were to endure it for a long period of time. That’s why so many people are afraid of going to Dragon’s Grave Valley,” Larissa explained solemnly.

Levi mulled over it for a while before saying, “The force you’re talking about is the energy that covers the area, right? When outsiders enter the area, they’ll feel obstructed. Is that what you mean?”

“That’s right!” Larissa answered quickly.

Levi smiled and said, “In that case, you guys should stay close to me. That way, neither of you will be affected.”

As he was talking, Levi quickly channeled his basic techniques.

He released a terrifying wave of energy and quickly channeled an energy shield as big as a room to shield himself and the ladies.

Cheriette and Larissa felt at ease all of a sudden, and the sense of obstruction they had felt moments prior disappeared.

Is he shielding us from the energy? Does he have an endless supply of energy in his body? Once again, Larissa gaped in shock.

As astounded as she was, she was extremely grateful to Levi. With him by her side, she felt a sense of security she had never felt before.

“Let’s keep moving!” Levi waved his hand and entered the forest.

The ladies followed closely from behind. After all, the energy shield had its limit. If they were to end up outside the energy shield, they would have to use their techniques to fight the suppressing force.

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