The More the Merrier Chapter 974

Chapter 974 I Was Wrong

“You should eat too, Dad. Let them be. They can take care of themselves,” Arissa advised. “All right, all right.” Darius sat and offered, “Pick whatever you want to eat, Issa.”

“I know, Dad. I won’t hold back!” “Haha!” As Darius laughed, he swept his gaze across his son. “If she can’t reach a certain dish, help her grab it.”

“Okay.” Benjamin nodded. Gleefully, Darius ate as he watched his grandchildren enjoying their meal with satisfaction. Arissa kept her eyes on them too, smiling widely.

Benjamin leaned toward Arissa and whispered next to her ear, “What are you looking at? You should eat too!” Upon hearing his words, she shifted her gaze away from the children to look at him. “I am eating!”

She was pleased when he put some food on her plate. In response, she did the same for him. “You should eat more, too!” Her action cheered him up so much that the food he had gotten used to eat tasted better than usual.

Then, as Arissa looked around the dining table, she found it weird that the other members of the Graham family weren’t around. We’ve come here for meals multiple times, but we were always the only ones here. We never saw the other members of the Graham family, which is rather odd.

All of a sudden, she felt a sense of pain strike her head. As soon as Arissa turned to Benjamin, she saw him retracting his hand. Confused, she questioned, “Why did you hit me?”

“Focus on your food. What are you thinking?” He glared at her. The edges of her mouth twitched. Can he read my mind? I can’t believe he caught me zoning out briefly.

“Nothing,” she replied, pouting. A look of amusement flashed past Benjamin’s eyes as he took note of how annoyed she was.

Darius’ expression darkened when he witnessed the couple’s interaction and admonished, “Why did you hit Issa, Benjamin? You should be more mindful of your actions.”

Snickering in secret, Arissa lowered her hand that was touching her forehead.

Gloomily, Benjamin glimpsed at her before turning his sight toward his father. “I was just messing around with her!”

The old man scoffed, “Messing around? Do you think I’m blind or deaf?”

“That’s right! We saw you hitting Mommy!” Gavin furiously reprimanded.

Silently, Benjamin turned to his wife and asked, “Did it hurt?”

Arissa blinked wordlessly.

“Don’t you threaten Issa! Are you still a man? How can you bully your wife?” Darius slammed the table with rage.

In response, Benjamin pursed his lips.

Arissa lowered her head and stifled her laughter. It’s your fault for hitting me!

Upon flashing a glance in her direction, Benjamin looked at his father. “I was wrong, Dad. I won’t hit her again!”

Darius stared at him seriously. “You shouldn’t have done it in the first place!”

Instead of arguing with his father, Benjamin merely nodded subserviently.

Arissa focused on her meal and ignored the father-and-son duo.

Halfway through their meal, the sound of a car engine was suddenly heard outside the door.

Darius was taken aback for a moment before gesturing for William to check out who the visitor was.

Moments later, William returned and reported, “It’s Mr. Bryan, Old Mr. Graham.”

“What is he doing here?” Darius scowled.

Clearly, he didn’t want to see Bryan.

Benjamin’s eyes glinted.

A few minutes passed before Bryan strode into the dining room and started yelling at Benjamin. “You sure are ruthless, Benjamin! Don’t think you can act impudently just because Dad loves you! I won’t let you off the hook unless you give me an explanation today!”

A frigid look flashed past Benjamin’s eyes. No one has ever had the guts to speak to me like that!

“You’re the impudent one here!” Darius slapped the dining table, rattling the plates and bowls.

The children and Arissa didn’t have the nerve to keep eating as they watched the family drama unfold fearfully.

Furiously, Darius berated, “Do you realize how disrespectful you’re acting right now? Do you think you’re in the right just because you started yelling right after you came in here?”

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