The More the Merrier Chapter 973

Chapter 973 Meal Together

Darius was already waiting for Arissa and her family at the entrance by the time they arrived. William and a bunch of housekeepers were by his side.

The woman was touched by the scene. It wasn’t the first time they visited the residence, yet Darius would always wait for them at the entrance.

“Does Dad always wait for you all to come over like that in the past?” Arissa asked. Benjamin glanced at her, lifting the corners of his lips. “He only does it for you!”

She grinned as she carried the gift she had prepared beforehand. Dad treats me so nicely.

Before the car even stopped, Jasper, who was sitting next to the door, rolled down the window, poked his head out, and greeted his grandfather. “Grandpa!”

“Welcome back!” Darius beamed as he stared at his grandchild. Oliver also stuck his head out of the window and shouted at the old man, “We’re all back, Grandpa!”

“Good!” The old man’s wrinkles deepened as he smiled. Arissa reminded, “Sit tight!”

Oliver and Jasper stuck their tongues out before returning to their seats. While the rest of the children didn’t squeeze their way toward the window, they did stretch their necks to gaze at the scene outside.

As the vehicle slowed down, all the kids eagerly unbuckled their seatbelts, opened the door, and exited the car.

Arissa was amused. “Slow down!”

“We missed you, Grandpa!” Jasper said sweetly and was the first to throw himself into Darius’ arms, followed by the rest of his siblings.

Darius, William, and the housekeepers hugged the kids joyously.

Benjamin and Arissa were delighted to witness that scene from the car.

“Let’s join them!” he uttered before stepping out of the vehicle and opening the door for her.

As she exited the car while holding the present, he held her waist, closed the door, and brought her over to Darius.

“Dad!” Arissa greeted.

“Dad!” Benjamin followed suit, but those who weren’t in the know would think he was the son-in-law.

Beaming, Darius welcomed them amicably, “I’m glad you are all back. Come, let’s head inside! We’ll eat after you all wash your hands!”

“This is for you, Dad!” Hastily, Arissa handed the present to him.

His eyes lit up as he accepted the gift. “You didn’t have to!”

Despite his words, he was over the moon to receive it.

“I must. This is the first gift I got for you as your daughter-in-law.”

“Very well, then. I shall accept your gift. Now, let’s head into the house!”

When Darius glanced at his son, he noticed the latter was answering a call.

Hence, he frowned in response. “Why is he still talking on the phone when he’s back home for a meal? Come on, let’s go inside first.”

He gestured for Arissa and her children to follow him in.

Elated to see their grandfather, the children surrounded him and chattered ceaselessly.

The manor became livelier with their presence.

Arissa glimpsed at Benjamin, who gestured for her to enter the building first when he met her gaze.

“Wrap up your call as soon as possible!” she reminded in a low voice before striding into the house.

Dinner was already prepared, and as soon as they stepped into the house, Darius prompted them to wash their hands first.

Benjamin still hadn’t come in even after Arissa and the children finished cleaning their hands.

Thus, she glanced at the entrance and stated, “I’m going to take a look at Benjamin, Dad!”

“Ignore him. If he wants to make a call, then let him. Once he’s done, he’ll be back,” Darius uttered as he fetched soup for his grandchildren. “Have some soup first, Sweethearts! Take it easy, okay? Don’t burn yourself!”

“Thank you, Grandpa!” The children expressed their gratitude in unison. Their adorable voices really enraptured him.

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