The More the Merrier Chapter 972

Chapter 972 We Are Your Support

The children knitted their eyebrows when they heard their parents’ conversation. Gavin and Tim questioned, “Who bullied you, Mommy?”

Jasper spoke too. “Who is it, Mommy? I’ll help you teach them a lesson!” “Is someone bullying you again, Mommy?” Zachary wondered.

“Tell us who it is, Mommy. We’ll help you teach them a lesson!” Oliver spat. Jesse waved her tiny fists and punched the air, saying, “I’ll kill whoever dares to bully Mommy!”

Arissa turned to look at her children and saw their angry faces. The sight of that warmed her heart. “It’s Miranda. I don’t know how she knew I was working here. Apparently, she followed me and waited at the company’s entrance, refusing to leave.”

“Who’s Miranda?” Tim asked in confusion. Gavin had no idea who that was either.

The other four kids, however, knew who Miranda was.

“It’s Regan’s illegitimate child,” Zachary informed with disdain, not intending to conceal his hatred toward Miranda.

Gavin and Tim exchanged a glance. At that moment, they had an inkling of who she was.

As they turned their gaze toward the company, they vaguely saw a woman standing at the side of the road. Is that woman Miranda?

“Yes, she’s Regan’s daughter!” Arissa added, explaining to Tim and Gavin.

“If she bullies you, you should bully her back. Don’t worry, Mommy. We’re your strongest supports!” Gavin patted his chest.

The edges of Arissa’s lips curved upward as she nodded. “Thank you, Sweetheart! No need to worry about me, though. She can’t bully me right now.”

Zachary glanced at his mother and sighed. “We are worried, Mommy. You’re too softhearted, which you shouldn’t be because you’ll get taken advantage of.”

“I won’t!” she promised the kids.

“Did that woman meet you today?”

“She came looking for me, but I didn’t meet with her.”

“That’s right. You don’t need to,” Zachary reminded.

“Meeting people like her will do you no good. Just ignore her!” Oliver adjusted his glasses, putting on a serious countenance.

Tim and Gavin nodded in agreement.

Jesse and Jasper pouted and scolded lividly, “They’re so shameless! Why won’t they leave Mommy alone?”

In response to their rage, Arissa calmed them down. “All right, that’s enough. Let’s not talk about them anymore. It’ll affectour mood.

“We’re fine, Mommy. You, on the other hand, shouldn’t let people like them affect your mood!” Gavin reminded with a worried look.

Nodding, she assured, “I know.”

Benjamin glimpsed at his wife through the rearview mirror and smiled faintly.

The moment she noticed the look in his eyes, she blushed.

It was then her phone vibrated. Upon picking the device up, she realized Darius was calling her.

She answered the call right away. “Dad!”

Benjamin’s line of sight landed briefly on her before shifting back to the road.

“Are you and Benjamin back yet, Issa?” Darius asked.

Smiling, Arissa replied, “We’re on our way. The children are with us, too!”

“That’s good. I thought Benjamin wasn’t going to bring you lot back.” He laughed heartily, sounding like he was in a good mood.

“He told me about it this morning.” She peered at Benjamin, who was concentrating on driving.

“I see. We’ll talk more when you all arrive.”

“Okay. See you later, Dad!” Arissa replied softly.

She kept her phone away after Darius hung up.

“Is Grandpa rushing us, Mommy?” Gavin asked with a juvenile voice, swaying his legs.

Tim and the others stared at her unblinkingly.

Arissa, grinning, said, “Yes, he was afraid your Daddy won’t bring us back!”

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