The More the Merrier Chapter 971

Chapter 971 His Face So Close

Arissa embarrassedly stepped into the passenger’s seat. “Look! Mommy’s feeling shy!”

“Haha!” “I can see Mommy’s red face!” The edges of Arissa’s mouth twitched as she glared at the man standing at the front of the car. Why are the children only making fun of me? It’s not fair!

Benjamin was amused when he met her gaze. Then, he ordered, “Gavin, bring your siblings into the car!” He proceeded to open the door to the backseats and carried them into the vehicle. “Sit tight!”

The children placed their bags before their feet and fastened their seatbelts. Benjamin had to help Jesse and Tim do it, but the other four were capable of performing the action themselves.

After he double-checked the kids’ seatbelts, he shut the door tight. Arissa glanced at her children through the rearview mirror.

“We’re seated, Mommy!” the children abruptly shouted. As she remained silent, Jasper wriggled in his seat and uttered teasingly, “Mommy’s still feeling embarrassed!”

The other children laughed. When Benjamin entered the vehicle, he turned to Arissa, stared at her flushed cheeks for a few moments, and leaned toward her.

Arissa’s head snapped up as she watched him warily. “Buckle your seatbelt!” As he fastened her seatbelt for her, his face was so close to hers that they almost touched.

His breath brushed past her face, sending a tingling sensation throughout her body as his familiar scent enveloped her intimately.

When straightening his body, Benjamin’s lips brushed lightly against her cheek. Shocked, Arissa widened her eyes at him while he casually buckled his own seatbelt and started the engine.

“Sit tight!” he reminded. “Okay!” the children exclaimed energetically. “You too.” Benjamin turned his sight toward Arissa.

She muttered, “I am.” With a faint grin, he drove out of the garage.

Arissa felt her heart racing as she admired his countenance. Am I too weak-willed? Or is he just too handsome?

The moment she looked away and shifted her gaze out of the window, she unintentionally spotted Miranda hiding at the side of the road staring at the company’s entrance.

Arissa narrowed her eyes while a mocking look swirled within them. Miranda never changes, huh? I can’t believe she waited here for such a long time just to meet me. But still, why is she waiting for me? I don’t think she came to mend our relationship, so she’s here for another reason.

Benjamin glimpsed at her. “Did they use to bully you in the past?”

That question snapped her back to her senses. As she gazed at him, she wondered, Is Miranda targeting Benjamin stead? It’s not impossible. Why else would she be camping there?

“I’m talking to you!” he voiced.

“Yeah!” In the past, when she still longed for love from her family members, she would be saddened whenever they bullied her. Now that I think about it, my past feels like it took place centuries ago. It’s so insignificant that it’s not worth mentioning.

Benjamin’s eyes darkened. “Do you still care about them?”

Arissa shook her head decisively. I’m not stupid or a masochist. If Regan doesn’t see me as his daughter, then there’s no need for me to keep holding on to this blood relationship. Now, since they keep messing with me, I won’t keep quiet and do nothing if they tick me off.

“That’s good!” Upon turning on his Bluetooth earphone, Benjamin ordered coldly, “Get rid of the woman loitering in front of the company!”

His action touched Arissa. I’m grateful that the person I met was him. Otherwise, I’d be in a lot of trouble if I offended him.

“Just ask them to get rid of anyone you don’t want to look at,” he reminded her because he didn’t want her to be frustrated by such trivial matters.

“Got it!” she replied gratefully.

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