The More the Merrier Chapter 970

Chapter 970 Thank You Darling

All the kids except for Gavin hadn’t been to the underground garage before. Hence, the five of them scanned the lightly-furnished garage with curiosity and amazement as though they had just stepped into a luxurious exhibition.

“Wow, there are so many cars here!” Zachary’s eyes were glowing with excitement. Even Tim was dazzled by the view. It was only natural for boys to be interested in cars.

Even Jesse loved what she was looking at. “Where’s your car, Mr. Graham?” Curling his thin lips, Benjamin picked his daughter up and held Arissa’s hand. Then, he ambled toward the car he was taking.

Gavin and the others promptly followed them. At the same time, he filled his brothers in about their father’s cars. “This one, this one, and that one are all Daddy’s cars!”

The other four boys were shocked.

“Wow, he has so many cars!”

“There are a lot more back home!” Gavin turned to them. “Once we’ve returned, I’ll show you guys!”

His brothers nodded excitedly.

“Can we touch it?” Tim inquired carefully. He wanted to touch a nearby car, but he didn’t have the guts to do it because he was afraid he would ruin it.

“Sure! Daddy won’t mind.” Gavin grinned.

The edges of Benjamin’s mouth curved upward when he heard that. Looks like Gavin holds me in pretty high regard after all.

Turning back, he announced to his sons, “Touch and stare at the cars however you like! It’s fine!”

Upon receiving his permission, the boys, except Gavin, joyously did as their father allowed them to.

Arissa and Benjamin smiled as they watched the children have fun.

“I want to take a look, too, Mr. Graham!” Jesse also wished to touch the luxurious cars as she had never seen most of them before.

Slowly, Benjamin put her down. “Don’t rush!”

She dashed toward her brothers as soon as her feet landed on the ground.

It was apparent that they all really liked cars.

Benjamin wrapped his arm around Arissa as the two of them leaned at the side, beaming at the kids, who were cheerfully exploring the cars.

Arissa glanced at him. “How many cars do you have?”

She was also shocked when she heard what Gavin said because she thought only a few vehicles in the company’s garage belonged to him.

“You’ve never been to the garage in my home?” He shifted his sight toward her.

“Nope!” She seldom needed to use a car, and whenever she did, someone else would drive her to the destination.

Thus, she only ever took a glimpse at his garage and never really explored it.

“I’ll bring you all to visit my garage once we return home during the night.” Benjamin wasn’t showing off.

All he wanted was for her to know what sort of cars they had in their home. “You’re free to drive whatever car catches your eye!”

“Really?” Arissa’s eyes lit up. There’s no doubt he collected those cars because that’s his hobby. If I accidentally damage them, he’ll get upset.

Pulling her into his embrace, Benjamin nodded. “Of course! You are my wife. These cars belong not only to me but also to you. You’re free to drive it however you want. Just be mindful of your safety!”

Delighted, she nodded vigorously. “Thank you, Mr. Graham!”

“Mhm?” He was displeased to hear her calling him that.

Blushing, Arissa exclaimed, “Thank you, Darling!”

“Good.” As he took in her shy countenance, his heart skipped a beat. He then leaned toward her and kissed her on the lips.

In response, she patted his chest, signaling him to stop, but he merely tightened his grip on her and deepened the kiss.

Suddenly, the children approached them. “Ah! Mommy is doing something embarrassing with Mr. Graham!”

They encircled their parents and watched their parents kiss each other.

A faint blush was visible on all their faces.

Jesse even tried to cover her eyes with her hands, but the gaps between her fingers were too big, so her efforts were for naught.

Her five brothers also watched their parents with embarrassment.

Eventually, Arissa pushed Benjamin away, her face red as a tomato. “Let’s get into the car!”

Just as she turned around to do that, he reminded her with a smile, “Take the passenger’s seat!”

The children giggled.

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