The More the Merrier Chapter 969

Chapter 969 I Love Only You

Benjamin narrowed his eyes and stared at her with displeasure. “Don’t hang with him often!” With a smile, Arissa hurriedly pacified, “Fine, fine, I understand. However, I still need to meet him during work. Besides, why are you worried I’ll fall in love with someone else when you’re so handsome and charming?”

Pursing his lips, he thought, I’m not worried she’ll fall for someone else. I’m just concerned Ethen won’t be able to resist her allure.

“Are you feeling insecure about yourself, Mr. Graham?” She leaned her face toward him and gazed at his dashing countenance.

Upon looking into her eyes, he pinched her cheek forcefully. “I’m not!” Arissa continued to stare at him with a grin, which made Benjamin feel a little uncomfortable.

In response, he pushed her head away and forced her to look the other way. “Keep your eyes on the road!”

Her smile deepened when she saw his shy expression. “Don’t worry, the only person I love is you. I absolutely won’t fall for anyone else.”

His heart fluttered. While he was aware she was merely jesting, it still made him uncontrollably happy.

Expressionlessly, he chastised, “Is this how you proclaim your love? In such a casual way?”

A tinge of mischief flashed past her eyes as she pecked his cheek. “Don’t get jealous, my love. I only see Mr. Frank as a good friend, and I treat him well because he’s someone you regard highly!”

Benjamin scoffed pridefully, but his mien had clearly turned tender.

Arissa stole a few more glances at him, amused.

It was then the children approached them with their backpacks. “Mommy, Daddy, we’re good to go!”

“Mommy, Mr. Graham, we’re ready!”

Grinning at the children, Arissa said, “Okay, let’s go, then!”

The children merrily approached and surrounded her.

Benjamin peered at his children and coughed. “Can’t you lot call me Daddy?”

He was worried strangers would think he was their stepfather.

In response, Arissa glanced at him and then at the children.

Tim and the others merely smiled as they stubbornly refused to change what they called Benjamin.

In the end, Gavin spoke up. “I can call you that until you’re satisfied, Daddy.”

“It’s not the same.” Benjamin scoffed slightly. This little rascal has switched sides, too. Sometimes, he’ll call me “Mr. Graham” like his siblings. How unruly!

“If you want us to call you that as soon as possible, you need to work harder, Mr. Graham!” Mischief settled on Zachary’s face.

Again, Benjamin scoffed.

“That’s right! Hmph!” Jasper mimicked his father and snorted before taking Oliver and Jesse’s hand, rushing ahead.

Gavin did the same with Zachary and Tim. “Hurry! Grandpa must be waiting for us!”

The edges of Benjamin’s lips twitched. Since when is he waiting for us?

Arissa merely smiled in response and followed Benjamin and the kids into the elevator. Instead of heading down to the entrance, they went straight to the underground parking lot.

The children turned their lines of sight toward Benjamin in confusion.

Gavin informed, “Our car is at the entrance, Daddy!”

“We’re not riding in that one. I’ll be the one driving!” Benjamin replied plainly.

In reality, he was worried Arissa would get upset if she came across Miranda, who was at the entrance. Hence, he decided not to leave through the main exit.

Arissa was touched, as though she already knew the reason he took them to the underground parking lot.

Upon raising her head, she uttered, “Thanks.”

He lifted his eyebrow. “What for?”

“You know why.” She grinned, staring at his mystical and attractive eyes.

The children snickered in secret when they noticed their parents’ flirting.

Jasper teased, “Can the both of you control yourselves, Mommy and Mr. Graham? You’re flirting again.”

Blushing, Arissa pinched her son’s cheek. “Nonsense! We weren’t doing that.”

Jasper laughed, hid behind Gavin’s back, and made a funny face at her.

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