The More the Merrier Chapter 968

Chapter 968 Stay in My Sight

It was half past five when Benjamin was finally done with work. Arissa and the children weren’t in his office, so he packed up his stuff and went out in search of them.

Arissa and the children were currently at Ethen’s office. “Sweethearts, that’s enough. Let’s not bother Mr. Frank at work,” Arissa said.

“It’s fine,” Ethen responded cheerily. He welcomed the kids, as it was rare to see them at work. Arissa gave a soft chuckle as she watched him play with the children.

“Mr. Frank, when are you going to get off work? We’ll be having dinner at Grandpa’s place later,” Jesse revealed with a bright smile. Ethen pinched her cheek dotingly. “Wow! You’ll get to eat yummy food while I work!”

Jesse let out a giggle. “I’m sure Grandpa’s got something delicious at his place. If there is, I’ll call the driver to bring some over for you!”

Ethen was flattered. “Sure thing!” “Mr. Frank, we’ll ask someone to deliver yummy food, so don’t eat too much for dinner,” Zachary reminded him.

Delighted, Ethen gave them a hug and kissed them. “Thank you, kids!” Right then, Benjamin, standing at the door, called out, “Arissa, we need to go!”

Arissa turned over her shoulder and was taken aback to see his grim expression.

“Let’s go,” Benjamin said.

“Okay!” Arissa responded hastily. She gathered the kids. “Come on, Sweethearts. It’s time to head to Grandpa’s house.”

The children waved goodbye to Ethen and left his office.

“Daddy, are you done with work?” Gavin ran to Benjamin excitedly and raised his head to look at him.

Benjamin ruffled his hair and replied, “Yeah, my work is done.”

“Yay, we can finally leave now!” Oliver clapped happily.

Tim, Zachary, Jasper, and Jesse cheered in excitement as well.

Arissa’s lips curled up when she saw how delighted they were.

“All right, kids. Come, let’s go downstairs.”

“Mommy, we need to get our bags!” Zachary said.

He was the first to sprint to Benjamin’s office in his haste to retrieve his bag.

“Mommy, I’ll go get my bag too!” Oliver said and ran away.

“Mommy, me too!” Tim chirped.

The rest also followed suit.

The six children soon disappeared from sight.

Benjamin extended his arm toward Arissa. The latter’s cheeks flushed with warmth as she gently intertwined her fingers with his.

Benjamin led her back to his office and asked, “What were you doing there?”

Arissa watched him closely and could tell that he was slightly upset.

“I was bringing the kids around the company!” She took a surreptitious glance in his direction and was surprised to find him staring right back at her with his dark eyes. Her heart fluttered at the suddenness of it, and she couldn’t help but ask, “Is something the matter?”

Benjamin pursed his lips. “It’s nothing.”

Despite his response, Arissa still felt that he was displeased.

“Were the kids too noisy?” she asked.

Benjamin’s gaze shifted to her, and he gave her a light pinch on the cheek before responding with a firm but gentle voice, “No. It’s not about them.”

Arissa pouted, confused as to why he appeared so upset with her. “Then why do you look so grim?” she asked, hoping to discover the source of his displeasure.

As she was frowning unhappily, Benjamin stepped forward and gently drew her nearer to him. He spoke in a quiet, soothing tone. “Don’t hang around Ethen so often in the future.”

Arissa froze and stared at him in shock. “What do you mean?”

Seriously? Is he jealous?

Benjamin furrowed his brows and knocked her forehead gently. “Stay in my sight!”

Arissa was struck dumb, yet she could feel a sense of warmth radiating through her chest.

She gulped and explained, “All I did was bring the kids to greet Mr. Frank. Don’t read too much into it. Are you not confident in yourself?”

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