The More the Merrier Chapter 967

Chapter 967 Waiting for Benjamin to Get Off Work

Gavin blushed. “I don’t remember!” “Eh? You must remember. Look, you’re blushing!” Oliver stared at his face and burst into giggles.

“Hurry, spill!” Jasper grinned. Gavin’s blush deepened. “I just didn’t want to stay at home. When I was in a bad mood, all I wanted was to be with Daddy.”

Tim gazed at Gavin. I hide when I am in a bad mood. “Shouldn’t you hide when you’re in a bad mood?”

He turned to look at Zachary, and the latter nodded in agreement. “I do hide sometimes,” Gavin whispered in embarrassment.

His siblings found his reaction amusing. “I hide too, Gavin!” Jesse squeezed to the very front and held his arm so he wouldn’t feel awkward.

Jasper gasped. “Stop lying. You stuck to Mommy and whined all the time!”

Jesse stuck her tongue out and retorted, “You do that, too!”

Jasper pinched her cheek. “You do that more often than me.”

When the elevator doors slid open, the children ran to Benjamin’s office under Gavin’s lead.


“Don’t run that fast!” Jesse grew flustered as she was left behind.

Tim shouted, “Jesse, hurry up!” He ran back to her and took her hand, tugging her along as they rushed to keep up with the rest.

Seeing that, the rest came to a stop to wait for them.


Jesse whined, “I can’t go any faster!”

Arissa heard the noise outside and found it funny.

She got up and was about to go welcome them when they ran toward her.



Arissa walked away from her desk, and the children immediately leaped into her arms.

She threw her arms around them and kissed their faces affectionately.

“Why are you still carrying your bags?” Arissa was surprised to see their bags with them.

“Mommy, you have to work, right? We have homework to do too!” Zachary said.

Realization dawned on Arissa, and she brought them to the couch.

“Do your homework here. We will head to Grandpa’s house to have dinner later.”

“Dinner at Grandpa’s?” Jasper gasped in surprise.

Arissa patted his head. “Yes. Grandpa invited us to join him for dinner at the Old Manor tonight.”

“Wow, sounds amazing! There will be a lot of food there!” Jesse exclaimed in delight.

Tim and Gavin could barely hide their delight, too.

“Mommy, aren’t we going to visit Great-grandaunt?” Oliver asked as he looked at Arissa.

Hearing that, the rest also turned to look at her.

Arissa’s eyes sparkled. “You can call her. I don’t know when dinner will end. If it finishes early, we can go visit her.”

“Sure!” Tim nodded eagerly.

Gavin ran to Benjamin’s desk to greet him. “Daddy!”

Likewise, Tim, Zachary, Oliver, Jasper, and Jesse went over to greet Benjamin as well.

“Mr. Graham!”

Benjamin paused his work and looked at them fondly.

“Mm. You can play while I work. We will go to Grandpa’s house later.”


The children ran back to Arissa and got her to sit down. They then proceeded to tell her about their day at school today.

A loving smile played on Arissa’s lips as she fed them some water. She then settled down beside them, offering her help and support as they did their homework.

“Hurry and complete your homework. When your daddy is done, we’ll head to Grandpa’s house.”

The kids didn’t start by asking to play. Instead, they took out their homework to work on.

After completing their homework, they video-called Mary and chatted with her happily.

However, the kids knew they shouldn’t disturb Benjamin at work.

They moved further away from him and spoke to Mary softly.

Arissa was pleased to see them behaving like responsible children.

After their call ended, she brought them around the top floor.

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