The More the Merrier Chapter 966

Chapter 966 Staying at Home

Arissa was speechless at how petty he was. She had only offered help, as she was free.

“All I did was deliver the files. Why are you upset?” She bit her lip and regarded him carefully.

It was obvious she knew her mistake, so Benjamin tamped down his feelings. “I didn’t want you to tire yourself.”

Arissa’s lips curled into an alluring smile.

“I’m not tired. It was a nice opportunity to walk around and relax.”

There was a flicker in Benjamin’s eyes when he noticed how happy she was. She’s easily satisfied, huh?

Arissa turned around to pour them both some water. “Have some water.”

There were still many files on his table, so she asked, “Are you busy today?”

“A little.” Benjamin sipped on the water and got back to work.

After finishing her water, Arissa went to him to knead his shoulders.

Benjamin tensed up, then relaxed as a small smile played on his lips. It was clear that he was enjoying her massage.

“Is this comfortable?” Arissa leaned over and poked her head over his shoulder to ask that question.

Her breath fanned across his cheek.

Benjamin caught a hint of her captivating scent and gulped as his throat went dry.

He couldn’t help but press a kiss on her cheek and grunt in acknowledgment.


Arissa stood straight and blushed to the tip of her ears. She then glared at the back of Benjamin’s head. Can’t he be serious for once?

She deliberately increased the pressure of her massage on his shoulders.

Knowing that she did it on purpose, Benjamin smirked and let her be, as the pressure was just right for him.

A while later, Arissa’s hands were sore. She gradually decreased the pace of her massage and kept glancing at the door.

“Why aren’t the kids here yet?”

More than thirty minutes have passed since classes ended, so they should be here by now.

“I think they are almost here. Let’s wait for a bit more,” Benjamin replied.

Arissa pressed her lips together. Since she had nothing else to do, she continued massaging his shoulders.

Right then, the car rolled to a stop outside the building with the kids inside.

The six of them carried their bags and hopped off the car one by one.

Everyone couldn’t help but stare at the adorable and angelic little kids.

“Hello, kids!” they greeted the children cheerfully.

After all, it was rare to see the children at the office.

Everyone would have rushed over to hug the kids if they didn’t dislike being hugged.

From afar, Miranda creased her brows in confusion at the commotion.

Are they kids models? How cute.

“Hello, Sir.”

“Hello, Ma’am.”

The children greeted everyone in the lobby before sprinting to the elevator.

“Hurry, Tim!”

“Faster, Jesse!”

Gavin, Zachary, Oliver, and Jasper urged Jesse and Tim, who were lagging behind.

Tim and Jesse held hands as they observed their surroundings curiously.

So this is where Mommy and Daddy go to work. It looks fun!

“Hurry, Mommy is waiting for us!” Zachary ran to them and pulled them over.

The rest also followed suit and pulled Tim and Jesse toward the elevator.

“Come on!”

The kids took the elevator to the top floor.

“Gavin, do you come here often?” Jasper asked excitedly.

Zachary and Oliver were quite excited as well. However, they appeared to be more composed than Jasper.

Tim and Jesse had been observing the area with excitement since they arrived.

“Not really. I only came here occasionally.”

“Did you come here with Mr. Graham?” Jesse asked.

“Yes!” Gavin’s cheeks turned pink. “Daddy will bring me here whenever I refuse to stay at home alone.”

Zachary’s eyes sparkled mischievously. “Why did you choose to come here instead of staying at home? Don’t you think staying at home would have been more fun?”

This is where the adults work. It seems boring. Staying at home seems to be a more interesting choice.

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