The More the Merrier Chapter 965

Chapter 965 You Are My Secretary

“Come here!” Benjamin said. Arissa observed Benjamin, who was intensely focused on his work. His chiseled jawline and handsome features were so mesmerizing that she couldn’t look away from him.

As she approached him and caught a whiff of his alluring scent, her heart began to race uncontrollably.

“What is it?” she asked. The sight of his handsome side profile and sexy Adam’s apple caused her cheeks to turn pink.

Benjamin swiveled around to regard her. “I told the bodyguards to pick them up, so you don’t have to go.”

Surprised, Arissa shot him a bemused look. “When did you tell them to do that?”

I don’t remember hearing him make that phone call. Benjamin’s lips curled as he drawled, “Half an hour ago.”

Arissa chuckled. “Okay, I’ll get back to work, then.”

As she turned around to go back to her seat, Benjamin caught her wrist and pulled her so that she was seated on his lap in a swift motion.

“What are you doing?”

Benjamin took advantage of the moment and leaned in to kiss her. He cupped the back of her head to deepen the kiss.

Arissa’s cheeks were flushed from the kiss. Benjamin only released her when she was on the verge of suffocating.

The sight of her swollen lips and dazed look was so seductive that Benjamin could feel his desire surging within him.

When Arissa met his dangerous gaze, she felt her heart skip a beat.

Without a moment’s hesitation, she pushed him away and attempted to stand, yet her legs failed her and she collapsed back on his lap.

Benjamin’s lips twitched as he tried not to laugh at the sight of her embarrassment.

Noticing his reaction, Arissa pursed her lips and whined, “Why are you laughing?”

“I wasn’t laughing.” Benjamin gazed at her affectionately. He reached out to support her and straightened her clothes.

“You should’ve told me earlier. I’ve already switched off my computer!” Arissa glared at him.

Benjamin chuckled softly. “You can help me deliver some documents.”

He lifted his chin to gesture at a few documents that he had already signed earlier.

Arissa put her bag down, organized the files, and headed out.

“Just give them to Ethen,” Benjamin said.

“You’ve signed them all, right? I can just return them accordingly.”

“If you do, Ethen won’t know the progress and will ask me about it.”

In reality, Benjamin didn’t want her to exhaust herself.

“Oh, okay!”

Arissa didn’t doubt his words and went to Ethen’s office with the files.

Ethen was still occupied with work, but as soon as he saw her, he quickly stood up to take the files from her.

“Mrs. Graham, why did you bring them here? You could’ve asked me to come to you!”

Arissa flashed a smile. “I was free, so Mr. Graham told me to deliver the files to you. Should I help you deliver them to their respective departments?”

Ethen was flattered, but he dared not order her around. “No need for that. I can do that later.”

“I’m free and can run some errands. Take a look at the files and tell me which are urgent,” Arissa said.

Ethen was quite busy and was grateful for her offer to assist him. “Thank you, Mrs. Graham!”

“You’re welcome. I was bored because there wasn’t much work to do.”

Arissa waited as Ethen went through the files. Those that did not require his further review were given to her, so she could deliver them to the appropriate departments.

“Thanks a lot, Mrs. Graham. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee next time,” Ethen said cheerfully.

Arissa grinned. “Sure thing. Can’t wait for you to treat me to a cup of coffee!”

She collected the files and visited different departments to return them to their rightful owners. The department managers were taken aback to see her. They offered her coffee, but she politely declined.

After that, she returned to Benjamin’s office. The entire process took around thirty minutes.

“What took you so long?” Benjamin frowned as he regarded her. Don’t tell me she chatted with Ethen for such a long time.

He recalled how Ethen was a big fan of Arissa and felt jealousy churning in his heart.

Arissa observed him with amusement. “I was just delivering the files. What’s the matter?”

Benjamin’s expression stiffened when he noticed how matter-of-fact she looked.

“You’re my secretary, not Ethen’s. Why did you help him deliver the files?”

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