The More the Merrier Chapter 964

Chapter 964 Arissa Is Mrs. Graham

Arissa was baffled to receive a call from an unknown number. At first, she was hesitant to answer it, but she eventually picked it up. “Hello?”

“Mrs. Graham, this is Barney, the security guard here at Graham Group. We have a young woman here at the entrance who says she is your younger sister. Her name is Miranda York. Is she really your younger sister?”

Arissa froze upon hearing that. Her brows knitted as she wondered how Miranda knew where she was. “She’s not my younger sister, so just ignore her.”

How dare Miranda come all the way here and claim to be my younger sister? Has she no shame? I don’t have a younger sibling like her.

“Understood, Mrs. Graham!”

The security guard hung up and joined his colleagues. He gestured for them to take action. “She’s not Mrs. Graham’s younger sister. Kick her out!”

“If you continue to cause trouble and create a disturbance, we will have no other choice but to take you to the police station! Please leave immediately and spare us the hassle.”

“How shameless of you to claim to be Mrs. Graham’s younger sister! Scram!”

The security guards rushed over to her and threw her out of the building.

Miranda crashed onto the ground, her face contorted with rage.

Arissa York! This isn’t over yet.

“Mrs. Graham doesn’t have such a younger sister. How could she be this shameless?”

“Right. It has become increasingly common for people to claim that they are related to someone else nowadays.”

Miranda scrambled to her feet. When she heard how they addressed Arissa, her features twisted even more.

“Arissa is Mrs. Graham?” she managed between gritted teeth.

“Despite having absolutely no connection to Mr. and Mrs. Graham, this scammer has the audacity to claim to be related to them. How can she be so brazen and shameless?” one security guard berated.

Despite her resentment, Miranda was adamant in her insistence that she was, in fact, Arissa’s sister.

“Leave now, or we’ll call the police for real,” the security team leader warned.

Miranda had no choice but to leave. But instead of leaving for real, she hid at the side.

I must stop Arissa, that b*tch, today. It must be a stroke of luck that she got to be Mrs. Graham. She must have gone to despicable lengths to win over Benjamin Graham’s affection.

Miranda felt her throat go dry when Benjamin’s devilishly handsome face emerged in her brain. A hint of determination flashed across her eyes.

After the call ended, Arissa was still frowning. How did Miranda figure out I was here?

No matter how much she thought and pondered, she could not wrap her head around it since she had not noticed Miranda’s presence anywhere.

Benjamin sensed her mood had turned foul since the phone call. He gazed at her grim expression and asked, “Who was it?”

Arissa looked up and revealed, “The company’s security guard.”

Baffled, Benjamin cocked a brow. “Why would he call you?”

“It’s nothing,” came Arissa’s answer.

She pursed her lips, not wanting to talk about Miranda.

Benjamin narrowed his eyes. Her response doesn’t seem to indicate that it’s nothing.

He grabbed his phone to call the security guard downstairs.

“Why did you call Mrs. Graham earlier?”

Arissa gazed at him in bewilderment.

Upon learning what had happened, Benjamin did not look happy.

“Don’t let her come any nearer to the office. Also, call me when someone wants to meet Mrs. Graham next time!”

He ended the call and glanced at Arissa, who was still wide-eyed in surprise. “Don’t let this bother you.”

Arissa was touched by his concern. “I was just wondering how she found out my whereabouts.”

Benjamin glanced at her. “Perhaps she ran into us when we went shopping earlier.”

His words made sense to Arissa.

However, Arissa couldn’t be bothered as to why Miranda wanted to talk to her.

When it was time to pick the kids up from school, Arissa packed up to leave. “Do you want to pick up the kids with me?”

Her eyes fell on Benjamin, who was still diligently occupied with his work.

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