The More the Merrier Chapter 963

Chapter 963 Arissa Gets Stalked

After they had lunch at noon, Benjamin kept his word and accompanied her to the shopping mall to buy a gift for Darius.

They didn’t stay long and left after buying the gift. Unbeknownst to them, someone had been watching them with eyes filled with jealousy and madness.

Arissa and Benjamin went back to the office and resumed work. At the entrance of Graham Group, Miranda clenched her fists as her face contorted with jealousy.

The sight of the grand and majestic building caused her to grit her teeth in fury.

So this is where Arissa works? How did she get this lucky? She must be here because of the man. I’m certain she doesn’t work here. The man looks like he works here, unlike the pathetic Arissa.

Miranda felt a sense of unease as if ants were crawling across her heart. She was curious to know if Arissa worked at this place.

She straightened her clothes and strutted into the lobby with her bag but was stopped by the security guard at the entrance. “Do you have a visitor’s pass?” the security guard asked.

Miranda had no idea security was that tight here. She halted in her tracks and flashed a smile. “I’m the younger sister of the handsome young man who walked in earlier.”

Arissa was not the main focus of her visit, as her primary goal was to speak to that man.

Huh? The couple who entered earlier was Mr. Graham and Mrs. Graham. Mr. Graham doesn’t have a younger sister, so this woman is obviously here to curry favor with him.

The security guard’s face turned stern as he shooed her away. “Scram! Don’t get in our way and cause trouble for us!”

“Hey, how could you shoo me away? I’m his sister!” Miranda insisted furiously.

“Scram! Our CEO doesn’t have a younger sister,” the security guards chided and regarded her with disdain.


Miranda was excited to learn that the man was this influential.

“Your CEO?” she asked, looking at the sign of Graham Group.

“Who else could he be? Stop kicking a fuss here or I’ll send you to the police station,” the security guard warned her icily.

There were many women who came to the building in the hopes of running into Benjamin.

Miranda could barely tamp down her excitement. “I’m your CEO’s younger sister. If you don’t believe me, give him a call!”

The security guards couldn’t be bothered to respond to her and merely glared at her.

If she’s Mr. Graham’s sister, why isn’t she calling him? She’s obviously not related to him.

As they refused to budge, Miranda relented and admitted that Arissa was her older sister.

“I’m actually Arissa York’s younger sister. My name is Miranda York. You may have seen her walk in with your CEO just now. I’m here to see her. Do you believe me now?”

Miranda couldn’t stop jealousy from bubbling within her when she learned that Arissa had walked in with Graham Group’s CEO.

She did not expect Arissa to be romantically involved with Benjamin, a powerful and influential person.

Pfft! She isn’t that lucky. There’s no telling whose man he’ll end up as.

Various evil thoughts had popped up in Miranda’s mind, but she put on an innocent and flustered expression to angle for sympathy.

“Who are you trying to fool? Didn’t you lie and say you were Mr. Graham’s younger sister?” The security guards refused to believe her.

“I’m telling the truth. I am Arissa York’s younger sister,” Miranda said hastily. She finally saw Arissa here and wouldn’t leave that easily.

“If you refuse to allow me entry, I’ll complain to her and ask Mr. Graham to fire you all,” she threatened.

The security guards shared a look, for they didn’t know if Arissa had a younger sister.

Their eyes went back to Miranda, who was dressed flamboyantly. They couldn’t bring themselves to have a positive opinion of her. Does Mrs. Graham have a younger sister like her?

Miranda lifted her chin arrogantly. “If my sister gets wind of your mistreatment of me, she will not hesitate to punish you bullies,” she warned, her voice tinged with contempt.

“Who are you calling a bully?” the security guards fumed.

One walked aside to contact Arissa to double-check if Miranda was indeed who she purported to be.

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