The More the Merrier Chapter 962

Chapter 962 Meeting His Parent Officially

“I did,” came Benjamin’s reply. He couldn’t keep his gaze off her exquisitely made-up face. Her luscious red lips were especially captivating. He felt his heart racing at the sight of it.

Placing his hands on her face, he forced her to look at him before pressing his lips to hers.

“Mmph!” Arissa was surprised when he suddenly leaned in to kiss her. Her eyes widened as she met his, and her heart pounded wildly in her chest.

“Close your eyes.” Benjamin paused to remind her before he continued kissing her. Arissa’s mind went blank at his passionate kiss.

Benjamin only released her when he was satisfied. He gently pressed his forehead against hers, his warm breaths caressing her cheeks in an intimate gesture.

Arissa’s cheeks were flushed red. She inhaled deeply, taking in his captivating scent that made her heart flutter uncontrollably.

Benjamin lowered his eyes to stare at her, his voice hoarse yet seductive. “Your heart is racing.”

Arissa felt her cheeks burn. “Isn’t yours racing?”

She placed her hand on his muscular chest, feeling the rapid beating of his heart.

Pleased, she shot him a smug look. “Your heart is pounding just as hard as mine!”

Benjamin’s gaze darkened with desire. He glanced at her tiny hand on her chest and swallowed a lump in his throat.

Unable to control his urge, he gave her lips a peck.

Arissa blinked. Seeing that he was about to continue, she swiftly dodged out of his reach.

“We’re still in the office!”

Benjamin’s gaze burned passionately as he pinched her cheek. “So what?”

Arissa was at a loss for words.

Right then, Benjamin’s phone rang.

“Your phone is ringing!” Arissa shoved him aside.

Benjamin couldn’t tear his gaze away from her as her flushed appearance seemed even more attractive to him.

“Your phone is ringing,” Arissa repeated. Her cheeks burned when she realized he was still staring at her.

Benjamin raised his brow and got to his feet. He retrieved his phone to see that it was a call from Darius.


Hearing that, Arissa lifted her head to regard him.

Benjamin was still staring at her intently, so she quickly averted her gaze and felt her ears turn red.

“Okay. I know.”

After ending the call, Benjamin said to Arissa, “Dad wants us to have dinner at home tonight.”

“Okay.” Arissa nodded, trying to contain the anxiety that was beginning to swell inside her. “Why did Old Mr. Graham suddenly ask to have dinner with us?”

Benjamin returned to his seat and glanced at her. “I’m not sure.”

Arissa was annoyed. Didn’t he ask about the reason?

She was speechless as she remembered how brief the phone conversation was.

“Well, what does Old Mr. Graham like?”

Previously, she didn’t need to bring anything to dinner with Darius when her relationship with Benjamin wasn’t official yet. Now that they were together, however, things had changed.

She would be meeting his parent officially, so it would be rude not to bring any gifts with her.

“Gifts for him?” Benjamin surveyed her.

Arissa nodded. “Yes. I can’t just go empty-handed, can I?”

Benjamin chuckled. “Are you nervous?”

“Can’t I be nervous?” Arissa felt defeated to realize that he had seen through her.

An affectionate smile played on Benjamin’s lips. “Don’t worry about that. I’ll ask Ethen to prepare it.”

“It’s only more sincere if I buy a gift myself,” Arissa muttered under her breath.

It wasn’t nice to pretend that she had purchased the gift when it was actually paid for by him. She felt it was not respectful to be so superficial toward their elders.

Benjamin fixed his gaze on her and let out a hearty laugh. “Why don’t we head to the mall after we’re done with lunch?”

Arissa’s eyes lit up. “You haven’t told me about Old Mr. Graham’s preferences.”

“I don’t know,” Benjamin replied flatly.

Arissa was rendered speechless.

“Are you even his son?” she demanded. How could he not know what his father likes?

Benjamin cast a glance at her. “What he likes depends on the person who gives it to him.”


Arissa was confused.

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