The More the Merrier Chapter 961

Chapter 961 Had Fun Feeding Her

Arissa had just switched on her computer to work when Benjamin came in. Ethen was behind him, updating him about his schedule.

She glanced at Benjamin and met his dark gaze. Suddenly, her cheeks grew warm. “You’re here?” Benjamin asked as he made his way to her desk.

“Mm!” Arissa bobbed her head. She refrained from speaking further as he was occupied.

Benjamin sized her up before he spun on his heels and returned to his desk. Ethen gave Arissa a nod in greeting before continuing to report to Benjamin.

“Coffee!” Benjamin retrieved his cup and tapped on his desk to get her attention.

Arissa looked up to see him concentrating on listening to Ethen’s report.

Rising to her feet, she got his cup and went to the bar to brew some coffee for him.

As Ethen was also here, she brewed more coffee than usual.

Arissa served Benjamin and Ethen each a cup of coffee. She first filled up Benjamin’s cup, then poured one for Ethen.

She set Benjamin’s cup down and then put another cup in front of Ethen.

“Mr. Frank, have some coffee!”

“Thank you, Mrs. Graham!”

Arissa felt embarrassed to hear that. “Just call me Ms. York at work.”

Ethen merely flashed a smile.

He noticed Benjamin looking at him and turned to meet his eyes.

Benjamin’s gaze was sharp, so he quickly turned his head and sipped on his coffee quietly.

Arissa looked at Benjamin. “You have some too.”

Benjamin watched as she carefully set the plate of finger food she’d brought in front of him.

“Have some food.”

“Okay!” Benjamin nodded.

He picked up one and offered it to Arissa.

Arissa was taken aback by his gesture, but she accepted it nonetheless and devoured the treat before settling back into her seat.

Benjamin’s lips quirked up when he saw her blush.

Ethen, on the other hand, rolled his eyes inwardly when he took in Benjamin’s soft side.

Mrs. Graham holds a special spot in Mr. Graham’s heart, huh?

Benjamin gave him a sidelong glance, prompting him to avert his gaze.

“Hurry and finish whatever you need to say. Don’t tell me you want another cup of coffee.”

Ethen stood straight and continued reporting his work progress to Benjamin.

Arissa chuckled to herself as she watched the exchange between the two. She chomped on her food as she busied herself with work.

After Ethen left, Benjamin turned to see her engrossed with work. “Are you full?”

It took Arissa a while to realize he was talking to her.

She lifted her head from her computer to look at him. “Yes, I’m full. I brought these for you, so eat up!”

A smile nudged Benjamin’s lips as he brought the plate of food to her. “Let’s eat together.”

Arissa looked into his eyes and laughed softly. Reaching for a piece of the snack, she popped it into her mouth and savored it.

“Have you applied the medicine?” Benjamin asked in concern.

Arissa choked on the food, caught off guard.

At once, Benjamin patted her back to help her stop choking.

“Have some water.” He offered her a glass of water.

Arissa gulped down some water and only then did she feel much better.

“Be careful when you eat,” Benjamin reminded her.

Arissa pursed her lips. “I wouldn’t have choked if you didn’t mention that out of nowhere!”

Benjamin arched a brow at her furious expression.

“I was worried that you wouldn’t apply the medicine. That was why I asked you about it.”

The tips of Arissa’s ears were red, as she couldn’t bring herself to talk to him naturally regarding this embarrassing matter.

“I need to work. Stop disturbing me!”

Benjamin’s lips curled up as he watched her embarrassment turn to rage. He decided it was best to end the conversation.

He ate a piece of finger food and also fed her one.

As he insisted, Arissa had no choice but to eat it.

Benjamin had fun feeding her the rest of the food.

Arissa ended up consuming most of the finger food she brought, with Benjamin only eating a small portion.

“I’m full. That’s enough,” Arissa said, furrowing her brows.

The remaining two pieces of finger food ended up in Benjamin’s stomach.

Looking at Benjamin, who was eating in an elegant manner, she asked, “Did you bring the kids to school this morning?”

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