The More the Merrier Chapter 960

Chapter 960 I Also Missed You

Arissa had just finished her bath when she received a call from Benjamin. She sat by the bed to receive the call while wiping her hair dry. “Hello?”

“Are you awake yet?” After hearing Arissa’s voice, Benjamin deduced that she had already gotten out of bed.

“Yes,” replied Arissa. “Make sure you drink the mushroom soup I made this morning,” said Benjamin.

One could easily hear the concern in his voice. “I know. What are you up to?” Arissa asked casually.

“I’m in a meeting.” When Arissa heard Benjamin’s reply, the corners of her mouth twitched. Why is he calling when he’s in a meeting?

“Then go on with your meeting. Why did you call?” chided Arissa. She was rendered somewhat speechless by his actions.

“Well, I needed a bathroom break. I also missed you,” came Benjamin’s gentle reply.

Arissa could feel the heat rising in her cheeks. She said softly, “I’ll head over to the office in a bit.”

“There’s nothing much to be done. It’s okay if you come in a bit later.”

Benjamin was standing in the corridor with a lit cigarette. He seemed to have a distant look in his eyes.

“Is something bothering you?” asked Benjamin after taking a drag of smoke.

Arissa raised her head to look at the ceiling, feeling quite embarrassed.

“What do you think?”

What followed was a peal of low laughter from the other end of the receiver.

Arissa clenched her jaw.

How dare he laugh!

“You scoundrel!”

Benjamin merely cleared his throat and responded, “There’s some ointment bedside table. Maybe you should apply some.”

Arissa could feel herself blushing once more.

How does he say such things with a straight face? Is it because we’re on the phone and I can’t see him? If anything, such talk makes me feel very embarrassed.

“I know. If there’s nothing further, I’m hanging up!”

Arissa could hear her stomach rumbling.

“Ask the driver to send you over after you’re done eating,” said Benjamin.

“All right,” replied Arissa. “You go on with your work.”

Without waiting for Benjamin to respond, Arissa immediately hung up.

As Arissa toweled her hair dry, a chime could be heard from her phone.

It was a message from Benjamin.

When she tapped on the icon to read it, Arissa’s face flushed red.

Benjamin: Remember to use the ointment for the swelling!

This blasted man!

She tossed aside her phone and glanced at the drawer, mulling over whether or not she needed to apply any ointment.

She was not in any particular discomfort. If anything, the hot bath had made her feel much better.

Arissa got up to put on some clothes, but upon deliberation, she still walked into the bathroom with a tube of ointment.

After a while, she put away the ointment, put on her shoes, and came downstairs in her work attire.

“Oh, Mrs. Graham! I see that you’re up!”

Edwin was waiting for her downstairs with a smile on his face, which made Arissa feel embarrassed.

She gave Edwin an awkward smile and replied, “Good morning, Edwin!”

“Good morning, Mrs. Graham. I’ll fix you a fresh bowl of soup. Mr. Graham made it himself this morning!” said Edwin respectfully.

He then turned around and strode into the kitchen.

Benjamin made it himself?

“He was up early today?”

Arissa was quite shocked by this. She had never anticipated that Benjamin would do that.

“Indeed. He was already up by six or so. He even prepared breakfast for all the children!” replied Edwin.

Arissa nodded meekly. I think a certain someone is starting to behave like a proper father.

After she settled down at the dining table, Edwin brought over a piping hot bowl of soup.

As he removed the cover, a strong aroma of spices filled Arissa’s nose.

“Be careful, Mrs. Graham. It’s still hot!”


Arissa lowered her head to take a slow sip. It tasted pretty good.

She had some of the soup before having the other food on the table.

When she had her fill, she left for work.

By the time she arrived at the office, it was nearing eleven in the morning.

Instinctively, Arissa pushed the “down” button but suddenly remembered that her office was now in a different department.

She immediately pushed the “up” button instead to get to the top floor.

When she arrived at the office, however, Benjamin was nowhere to be found.


Arissa looked everywhere from the office space to the lounge but did not hear a peep.

She walked to her desk and put down her bag before turning on her computer.

Surely, he’s not at the meeting still?

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