The More the Merrier Chapter 959

Chapter 959 Are You Sick

Arissa wondered if Benjamin could hear her beating heart. Benjamin’s gaze was deep as if he could see right through her thoughts.

Arissa swallowed audibly. She found it difficult to tear her gaze away. She turned around and marched straight into the bathroom for a shower.

Benjamin’s intense gaze followed her closely from behind. Arissa could sense that she was not walking naturally anymore. It was only when she shut the door behind her that she let out a sigh of relief.

She reached up to touch her searing cheeks. Why am I even embarrassed? I’m a mother of six! We even had many intimate moments before. There’s no reason to be embarrassed.

Arissa cursed herself inwardly. After calming her agitated nerves, she began to shower. When she was done, however, she came out to find Benjamin reclining on the bed lazily with a book in his hands.

His position was quite seductive, which made it difficult for her to look away. Benjamin raised his head to look at the woman who was standing near the bathroom.

She looked so beautiful, like a flower in bloom. Even Benjamin could not look away from her. “Come here.”

Benjamin gently patted the spot right next to him. His voice was charming and slightly hoarse, which seemed quite provocative so late at night.

Arissa immediately put a stop to all the wild thoughts racing through her head. She walked over and asked, “You seem to be turning in early.”

Benjamin waited for Arissa to approach the bed. In a single motion, he reached out and pulled her into his embrace.

Arissa was not prepared. She fell on him with a dull thud. This made her feel a little dizzy.

“What are you doing? Be gentle!”

Arissa rubbed her nose gingerly. She did not notice that the man’s gaze had darkened.

Her soft and tender voice seemed to tease Benjamin’s senses.

It reminded him of the sounds she made when they were making love, which was difficult for him to resist.

Benjamin clasped her at the waist and lifted her off, using one finger to lift her chin toward him.

His deep eyes looked as if they could steal her soul away.

“Did I hurt you?”

Benjamin’s eyes were seductive, drawing her in.

Arissa could feel her ears burn as she barely caught onto what he said.

“My nose hurts a little.”

She blushed fiercely, wishing she could shift away from Benjamin. However, Benjamin’s grip on her waist made it difficult for her to move.

“Let me look.”

Benjamin lowered his head to stare at her nose. His warm breath tickled her cheeks, causing her skin to prickle from its soft caress.

Arissa blinked, feeling her heart beat fast.

“It’s a little red,” murmured Benjamin. His voice was mellow and magnetic.

If you want to look, just look. Why are you so close? You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?

Arissa stared at the man before her in embarrassment.

Benjamin’s eyes flickered slightly. He gradually approached her face to gently kiss her nose.

Arissa was so stunned that she could not move.

Benjamin left gentle pecks around the area and asked, “Does it still hurt?”

Arissa blushed again and turned around to avoid his lips, but they landed on her face instead.

Immediately, Benjamin trailed his lips down and nibbled on her earlobe and her neck.

His hand snuck around her head, pulling her closer toward his face as he left searing, open-mouthed kisses on her lips.

Arissa was so dazed by his ministrations that she could not find the strength to move.

Benjamin leaned over to turn the lights off before pinning her onto the bed once more.

It was nine in the morning when Arissa finally awoke and noticed that she was alone in bed.

She did not know when Benjamin left, which dampened her spirits a little.

It was nice while it lasted.

Arissa turned to stretch, only to find out that her waist was quite sore.

She lay about in bed for a while longer before making a beeline for the bathroom for a warm bath.

When she saw the marks left behind from their lovemaking the night before, she cursed Benjamin inwardly.


In the middle of the meeting, Benjamin suddenly let out a massive sneeze.

Immediately, all the higher-level executives turned around to look at him with concern.

“Are you sick, Mr. Graham?” asked Ethen worriedly.

Benjamin massaged the bridge of his nose and responded, “I’m okay. Continue.”

He gave everyone a pointed look, signaling that the meeting could continue.

Benjamin sat at the head of the table, listening to everyone’s reports with apparent interest.

However, all he could think of was Arissa. Has she woken up yet?

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