The More the Merrier Chapter 957

Chapter 957 Dote on Others

“Thank you, Mommy!” Jesse was ecstatic. She liked that both her brothers and Arissa treated her well. Edwin glanced at them and asked, “Mrs. Graham, did Mr. Graham have the oxtail soup too?”

Arissa nodded. “Yes. He had some on the way here.” Edwin was gobsmacked at this information. This was something he had not anticipated at all.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect Benjamin to eat oxtail soup like that. After all, the latter was very particular about his cleanliness.

“Not bad, Mrs. Graham! Mr. Graham usually wouldn’t eat food like this!” Arissa smiled. Indeed. “This isn’t good. He’s such a picky eater!”

“Mr. Graham is just very particular about cleanliness. He doesn’t ingest any form of offal even if it tastes good.”

Edwin revealed much about Benjamin to Arissa, including details about Benjamin’s eccentricities.

Arissa and the children could not help but laugh at that. “Mr. Graham is so adorable!” said Oliver, fidgeting with his glasses.

Arissa was not sure if she wanted to laugh or cry.

“I wonder if you dare say that in front of your daddy?”

Oliver giggled.

If his father had been around, he would’ve said it in hushed tones.

Arissa had some soup and left the rest for the kids.

“Mrs. Graham, this is some proper oxtail soup you’ve got. The meat is so delicious and tender! Where did you buy this?”

Edwin could not resist such delicious food.

“I bought this at a place near the amusement park,” replied Arissa with a smile.

“Oh, you went to the amusement park?” asked Edwin, his eyes shining. And it was Mr. Graham who brought them there?

Arissa nodded in response. “Yes. Benjamin promised that he’d take the kids out to play, remember?”

He only managed to fulfill his promise after a few days.

Suddenly, realization dawned on Edwin as he exclaimed, “Mr. Graham knows how to dote on others now!”

There was a ghost of a smile in Edwin’s eyes when he looked at Arissa. He was clearly talking about her.

Arissa looked flustered all of a sudden. “Didn’t he bring Gavin out the last time?”

Gavin shook his head and hurriedly swallowed the food in his mouth before replying, “Dad brought me along on a work trip, but we didn’t go anywhere fun. It was Mr. Watts and the others who brought me around.”

Arissa was taken aback. She found something a little odd. “I thought you didn’t like spending time with the others!”

According to Kingsley, Gavin had been a taciturn boy. If anything, he had been very attached to Benjamin.

“They lured me!”

Gavin’s face was a little flushed. After all, he was only a child who could easily be convinced to play with enough coaxing.

However, Edwin had accompanied them as well.

“When Gavin wanted to go out, I had to accompany him for a while, or he wouldn’t go. Gavin rarely went out alone with Mr. Watts and the others. When they saw Gavin, they would pinch his cheeks, much to the ire of Gavin,” said Edwin with a smile.

Arissa understood and tenderly stroked her son’s head. “That’s because they like you, Gavin!”

“I know that!” said Gavin with a huff.

He looked very cute when he was pouting.

“It’s time to take a bath once you’re done eating the oxtail soup,” Arissa reminded.

They had been out for so long that it was already getting late.

The six children sat around the coffee table and ate their oxtail soup. This painted a warm and cozy picture.

Arissa curved her lips into a smile, her eyes fixed on her children.

Watching them eat their food with gusto made Arissa feel happy.

At a glance, one could see that Arissa truly doted on her children.

After the kids finished their meal, she started to put things away.

However, she was stopped by Edwin, who said, “You can leave the cleaning to me, Mrs. Graham!”

“Thank you, Edwin. You should eat up and rest soon too. We’ll head upstairs first.”

Arissa still insisted on clearing the table. However, she did not wipe the surface clean. After bidding Edwin goodnight once more, she brought the children upstairs for their bath.

“Goodnight!” said Edwin, smiling at them.

The six children obediently said their goodnights to Edwin before following their mother upstairs.

“We can bathe on our own, Mommy! You should bathe and get to bed as well!”

As the children approached their room, they willingly took care of themselves without letting Arissa worry about them.

Arissa merely smiled in response and said, “I’m not in a rush. Let me draw you guys a bath!”

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