The More the Merrier Chapter 942

Chapter 942 Did It on Purpose

“There’s no hurry,” Benjamin said calmly, not looking the slightest bit anxious. Arissa smiled at him in amusement. He’s really waiting to make fun of Kingsley!

Sure enough, the school did not allow Kingsley to pick up the children no matter how hard he tried to explain. “Sweethearts, explain to the teachers quickly. Don’t we know each other very well?”

The six children merely stared at him and refused to cooperate. “Mommy said she would come to pick us up!” Kingsley swept his gaze over them before turning to point in the direction of the cars.

“Your parents are here too!” “But why can’t we see them?”

Gavin and his siblings looked around, but all they could see were cars. If Daddy and Mommy are here, there’s no way we can’t see them! Kingsley also took a few glances, mystified.

Didn’t Boss and Arissa get out of the car? Where did they go?

“I’m sorry, but their parents are indeed here, and they told me to come and bring the children over. Could you kindly let them go? It’s not my first time here, and you still don’t trust me?”

Kingsley gave the teachers seductive looks, causing them to blush, but they still stood their ground. “I’m sorry, Mr. Watts. No calls have come in asking you to pick them up.”

Kingsley was utterly frustrated. I’ve tried my hardest to persuade the teachers to let the kids go, but they won’t budge, and the kids also refuse to leave with me.

“Mr. Watts, didn’t you say that our parents are here? Then go and call Mommy over!” Despite saying that, Zachary still did not believe him. Why didn’t Mommy come over if she’s here?

All six children did not believe Kingsley and regarded him skeptically.

“Wait here!” Kingsley had no choice but to run back and call Benjamin and Arissa. The two were in the car. Arissa chuckled in amusement when she saw Kingsley knocking on the window.

“Let’s get down!” she said as she opened the car door. “You guys best go there because the teachers won’t let me take them!” came Kingsley’s anxious voice.

“Okay!” Arissa nodded with a small smile.

Seeing Benjamin following her out of the car, Kingsley scrutinized the couple and stated suggestively, “Were you guys hiding in the car so that you could… You’re not even here to pick up your kids!”

“Didn’t you say that you’d do it? We’re giving you the opportunity!” Kingsley was dumbfounded. Why do I have a feeling that Boss did it on purpose?

Benjamin and Arissa went over to pick up the children. All six of them were overjoyed to see that they had actually come over to pick them up from school.

“Mommy!” “Daddy! Mr. Graham!” The little ones rushed toward the couple. Arissa embraced them while Benjamin patted their heads. “Say goodbye to your teachers.”

“Bye-bye!” The six children waved goodbye to their teachers sweetly. Arissa and Benjamin, too, greeted the teachers before leading the children to the car.

“Mommy, we didn’t believe it when Mr. Watts said that you and Daddy were here. Why didn’t you come over?”

Gavin looked at Arissa with a bright smile. “Your daddy wants to see if Mr. Watts can pick you up!” Arissa explained to the children. Similar looks of surprise crossed all their faces. “Why?”

“Yeah. Why?” Kingsley stared at Benjamin. He was also eager to know the reason.

Benjamin gave his friend a teasing look. “To let him know when to back out!”

At once, words eluded Kingsley. Arissa chuckled and led the children to the car. “Get in, Sweethearts. We’ll go to visit Great-grandaunt!”

The little ones cheered and climbed into the car one after another. “Let’s go!” Arissa called out to Benjamin and Kingsley before following the children into the car.

Benjamin glanced at Kingsley. “You can go back now!” With that, he got into the car as well. “I’m also going to visit Mdm. Mary. I haven’t visited her for days!” Kingsley said.

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