The More the Merrier Chapter 940

Chapter 940 Wedding Favors

After admiring her newly acquired gift cards for a while, Arissa was finally ready to start work. Right then, Ethen walked in with some wedding favors.

“Mr. Graham, Mrs. Graham, here are your wedding favors.” Ethen placed them on Arissa’s desk, then reported to Benjamin, “Mr. Graham, I’ve distributed the wedding favors and gift cards to the employees. Everyone was very excited and sent their blessings to you and Mrs. Graham. They wished the two of you a long and happy marriage with many kids.”

Benjamin nodded with a faint smile. Arissa let out a chuckle. Many kids? We already have six of them! “Did you take some wedding favors for yourself too?” Benjamin asked Ethen.

“Yup. I kept some for myself.” Benjamin then gestured for the man to get back to work. Arissa looked at Benjamin while she unwrapped a candy. “Do you want one?”

“No, thanks.” Benjamin turned his attention back to the stack of documents on his table. Still, Arissa walked over with a piece of candy and held it near his mouth.

“Aren’t you having some of your own wedding favors?” She sounded sweet yet assertive. Benjamin gave her the side-eye in response. When Arissa saw that, she pushed the candy into his mouth.

A twinkle appeared in Benjamin’s eyes. He opened his mouth and ate the candy. “Is it sweet?” Arissa said, smiling. “Aren’t candies supposed to be sweet?”

Arissa flushed slightly. She could not tear her eyes away from the man, who looked so elegant even when he was eating candy.

“Yeah?” The man’s magnetic baritone voice sounded very seductive, causing Arissa’s heart to skip a few beats. Arissa quickly shook her head and walked back to her seat.

Benjamin could feel the sweetness on his tongue and in his heart. He kept his gaze on Arissa for a little longer before turning back to his work.

Arissa peered at the man and only started working when she saw that he was concentrating on his task. The other department managers were all stunned to see Arissa in the CEO’s office when they went to report their work progress to Benjamin.

“Good day, Mrs. Graham,” the managers greeted her. Feeling awkward, Arissa corrected them, “Ms. York will do.” The managers merely responded with a smile and started discussing work with Benjamin.

Soon, it was time to get off work. While Arissa was packing up, she noticed Benjamin was still busy with work. She called out to him softly, “Benjamin.”

The man looked up at her and replied, “Give me a sec.” “If you’re busy, do you want me to pick up the kids first?”

“It’s fine. Let’s go together.” Arissa pursed her lips. It seems a bit too early for dinner at this time. She had intended to pick up the kids from school first and head out to dinner slightly later.

When Benjamin was done reviewing the last set of documents, he summoned Ethen to his office.

After instructing him to distribute the documents to the relevant personnel, Benjamin started packing up. “Let’s go!” he said to Arissa while extending his hand once he was done.

Sweetness filled Arissa’s heart as she interlaced her fingers with Benjamin’s. Benjamin took the woman’s bag with his other hand and held it together with his own briefcase.

Arissa was touched by the man’s thoughtfulness.

Isn’t he worried that his image would be ruined if he was seen carrying my bag?

“What’s the matter?” Benjamin asked as he turned to look at Arissa.

“Didn’t you say I’m your secretary? How can you carry your secretary’s bag? That’s bad for your image!”

Benjamin stared at the woman as if she was a fool.

“Everyone already knows that I’m your husband. They’ll just think that it’s an act of love.”

A blush spread across Arissa’s face as she mumbled, “Is carrying my bag considered an act of love?”

Benjamin’s eyes flickered, and a smirk appeared on his face.

Leaning over, he whispered into the woman’s ears, “I will do something else to show you how much I love you when we get home.”

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