The More the Merrier Chapter 939

Chapter 939 Gift Cards for Arissa

Benjamin sent a gift card. A text suddenly popped up in the group chat. There was a message accompanying the gift card that said: May Mr. Graham and Mrs. Graham have a long-lasting and blissful marriage.

Perhaps everyone had yet to process what was happening because no one reacted. Arissa could not help but be impressed with Benjamin’s shamelessness when she saw him looking at his phone with a serious expression.

No one else other than this man would ask for blessings in such a manner. The woman clicked on the gift card to claim it. “Haha, it’s mine! I’m the first!”

Benjamin raised his head and could not help but smile when he saw Arissa beaming radiantly just like a kid in a candy shop. A second later, everyone came back to their senses and started typing their well wishes for the couple.

Seeing that, Benjamin started sending more gift cards to the group. Each card was worth a hundred thousand.

Arissa, who was sitting in her seat, was tapping on the gift cards excitedly, hoping to snatch as many of them as possible. “Yay! I got it again!” “Ha! I am fast!”

“Uh… Why is everyone so fast…”

Benjamin sent more gift cards whenever he noticed the woman’s disappointment or joy. Of course, everyone else was delighted to have such a generous boss.

Everyone managed to claim at least one gift card, and soon, the group chat was swarmed with all sorts of well wishes. Some even wished for them to have a baby soon.

Ethen and Jack were jumping with joy. “Mr. Graham is so generous! This is wonderful!” Benjamin gave out two million worth of gift cards in total, and almost half of that went to Arissa, who felt rather embarrassed.

She rested her head on the table and was tearing up from smiling too much. Benjamin gazed at Arissa and asked in a gentle voice, “Should I give more?”

Arissa was taken aback by the question, and she felt her heart skipping a beat. “Why are you asking me that?”

“So that you can claim more gift cards!” Benjamin replied as his thin lips curved upward. Did he send all those gift cards for me to snatch?

Arissa gaped in shock. She stared at the man blankly and asked, “Where did you get all the money?”

Aren’t all his cards with me?

Is he still using them? “I still have some money left,” Benjamin answered. “How much?”

Arissa was just asking out of curiosity and had no intention of controlling his finances. Benjamin lifted his chin. “I’ll tell you if you come over!”

Arissa could sense danger when she locked gazes with the man, and her heart started racing. “There’s no need for me to go over. I can hear you from here!”

“I’ll only tell you if you come over,” Benjamin repeated flatly. He had transferred another million to Ethen and instructed him to get some gift cards for the lower-level employees as well.

“Are you sending more gift cards?” Arissa asked, turning her attention back to the group chat. “It’s for the lower-level employees.” “You’re in other group chats but not the managers’ group chat?”

I was the one who added him to the group just now.

“Yeah.” Arissa was momentarily stunned. “Then how are you going to send them the gift cards?”

“Ethen.” Arissa looked at the man’s handsome side profile and pursed her lips. She then looked at her phone again, and a surge of joy rushed through her when she saw all those gift cards that she had claimed earlier.

We should have a good meal with the kids tonight. Benjamin narrowed his eyes and fixed his gaze on the woman, who was smiling to herself. “What are you thinking about?”

“I’m taking the kids to a nice restaurant tonight!” Arissa blurted out. Benjamin cocked an eyebrow. “You’ve just claimed so many of my gift cards. Aren’t you going to treat me to something?”

Arissa turned to look at Benjamin. Sensing his jealousy, she said in a sweet voice, “Of course I am! You’re the star of the evening. I wonder if you would give me the honor.”

Benjamin was pleased to hear that and did not mind even though he knew that the woman had said that half-heartedly.

“Sure! Let’s eat out tonight. Your treat!” Arissa smiled mirthfully at the man’s prideful expression.

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