The More the Merrier Chapter 938

Chapter 938 Spending A Million on Gift Cards

Arissa put on an even more innocent look when she noticed the man’s teasing gaze. She started stuffing pieces of food inside her mouth while she struggled out of the man’s grip.

After walking back to her seat, she said, “I just felt slightly embarrassed that I was eating alone!”

Benjamin froze for a moment before looking at the woman in amusement. Arissa averted his gaze and continued to snack while working.

Benjamin only retracted his gaze after a while. “There’s no one else here. Why would you feel embarrassed?”

The corners of Arissa’s lips twitched. “I’m worried that I’ll disturb you if I’m the only one eating!” Benjamin chuckled when he heard that. Oh, she’s feeling self-conscious that she’s the only one eating.

“I didn’t say that you were disturbing me.” If Benjamin was concerned about that, he wouldn’t have asked Ethen to prepare all that food.

Just then, Arissa’s phone pinged with messages from the employee’s group chat. She tapped into the messages out of curiosity, and when she saw what was written, her eyes went wide.

The group chat was flooded with wishes for her and Benjamin. Arissa blinked a few times. Why is everyone suddenly so excited?

She scrolled through the chat and saw that everyone was sending gift cards in celebration of their marriage.

Most of those gift cards only had minimum amounts in them, valued at less than a hundred, as the purpose of that was just to hype up the atmosphere in the group.

Feeling entertained, Arissa could not resist snatching a gift card for herself. Ethen is just too funny. Someone in the group noticed her action, and everyone started mentioning her in the chat.

The vice CEO texted: Welcome, Mrs. Graham! The rest followed, and soon, the chat was flooded with the same message. The vice CEO texted again: Mrs. Graham, send us a gift card too!

Arissa felt a little awkward when she saw that. As everyone was cheering her on, she had no choice but to send a gift card of a few hundred.

Seeing that it was a rather substantial amount, everyone thanked Arissa happily.

When Benjamin looked up, he saw Arissa staring at her phone with a wide smile on her face. He couldn’t help but feel curious, as her phone had been pinging. “What are you doing?”

“I’m just chatting with everyone…”

Arissa only realized who she was talking to after saying that. The next moment, she looked up and smiled sheepishly, feeling embarrassed that she had been caught skiving.

It’s so inconvenient sharing an office with him! She had thought that Benjamin would be angry with her, but it turned out that he was merely curious.

“It’s the employee’s group chat.” Arissa glanced at him. Benjamin raised his brows, remembering that such a group chat indeed existed.

“Let me have a look.”

Arissa eyed the man, feeling rather reluctant to go over. However, she only hesitated slightly before passing him the phone.

“Aren’t you in the group chat as well?”

“No,” Benjamin replied while scrolling through the messages in the group chat.

Arissa’s lips twitched.

After a while of scrolling, Benjamin noticed the gift card sent by Arissa.

“You sent a gift card that was worth only a few hundred?”

Arissa blinked. “Mm-hmm. Is there a problem with that?”

Benjamin said nothing in response when he noticed Arissa’s innocent look.

As he continued scrolling through the messages, he saw the gift card sent by Ethen that was worth only ten.

Am I paying my special assistant too little? Is he that hard up?

Benjamin passed the phone back to Arissa and picked up his own phone to transfer her a million.

Arissa was shocked when she saw that.

Isn’t this too much?

“For me?”

A glint flashed across Benjamin’s eyes. “For you to send it to the group.”

Arissa gaped in disbelief. Spending a million on gift cards? Indeed, that’s the difference between a rich man and an ordinary person.

“If you think it’s too much, then just send one that’s worth a hundred thousand.”

As the CEO’s wife, doesn’t she feel embarrassed to give a gift card that’s only worth a few hundred?

In fact, Arissa did not feel embarrassed at all. When Benjamin said that she could choose to give only a hundred thousand instead of a million, she heaved a sigh of relief, although she felt that it was still a little too much.

She could not bring herself to give away a hundred thousand, but it would be different if Benjamin was the one doing it.

“Why don’t you do it yourself?”

Arissa gazed at the man, waiting to claim his gift card.

Perhaps her intentions were too obvious because Benjamin froze for a moment before saying, “Add me to the group, then!”

Arissa looked at Benjamin for a second before adding him to the group.

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