The More the Merrier Chapter 937

Chapter 937 You Are Finally Official

Thankfully, Benjamin stopped after that, although he continued holding her. Snuggling against the man’s chest and listening to his strong and steady heartbeat, Arissa could not help but smile.

Benjamin looked down at the head that was playfully rubbing against his chest and said in a hoarse voice, “Stop moving!” The woman paused immediately and chuckled under her breath.

“If you continue moving, I will do something else to you. Do you want that?” Benjamin whispered into Arissa’s ears. Arissa was intoxicated by the man’s magnetic voice.

Her ears started turning red, and she could feel her body burning. Taking in the woman’s red cheeks, Benjamin could not help but feel something stirring inside of him. However, he kept his desires under control, as he wanted Arissa to get some rest.

Soon, Benjamin managed to cool himself down, and Arissa started feeling sleepy. The couple took a short nap together before Benjamin headed back to work.

He summoned Ethen when he was back in his office. “Mr. Graham, how can I help you?” Ethen asked softly. He guessed Arissa was resting in the lounge, as he did not see her in her seat.

“Stop all collaborations with the Adams family, and make sure that Rosetta never sets foot in this building ever again!” Benjamin instructed with a cold and grim expression.

Ethen froze for a moment before replying, “Understood!” Mr. Graham must be really mad at Rosetta this time. He’s not willing to let the matter slide despite being good friends with Mr. Adams.

“Should we let Mr. Adams…” Ethen decided to remind Benjamin. “Don’t bother about him,” Benjamin replied in a frosty tone as he was losing patience.

“Understood!” Ethen answered and then left, seeing that Benjamin did not have any further instructions for him. “Wait a second.” Benjamin stopped Ethen.

“Yes, Mr. Graham?” Ethen turned around at once. “Get someone to bring some fruits and snacks here,” Benjamin instructed with a placid expression on his face.

“All right!” Ethen replied, grinning. Benjamin swept a glance at Ethen, who then put on a serious face again. “Mr. Graham, congratulations! You’re finally official!”

Ethen slid out of the door immediately after saying that. Benjamin cocked his brows. Finally official?

Benjamin snorted lightly, but deep down, he felt great about it. Arissa only woke up at two in the afternoon. Realizing how late it was, she quickly washed up and headed out.

As she opened the door, she paused to listen to the sounds outside. After making sure that there was no one around, Arissa opened the door softly, then poked her head out to take a peek.

“Just come out if you’re awake,” Benjamin said without turning his head.

Arissa was shocked. Does this man have eyes behind his head?

She walked over after closing the door to the lounge.

Looking at Benjamin’s side profile curiously, Arissa asked, “How did you know I was awake?”

Benjamin turned to face her. When she met his deep eyes, her heart started racing.

“I have a good sense of hearing,” Benjamin reminded her.

Arissa walked to her seat after giving him a look.

His sense of hearing is way too good. I was so soft just now. How could he have heard me?

“Finish the food.”

Arissa noticed the snacks and fruits on her desk. “Aren’t you eating as well?”

“Those are for you. I’m not hungry,” the man replied and carried on working.

Arissa sat down, then grabbed something to eat while turning on her computer, a sweet sensation spreading within her.

A while later, she felt slightly embarrassed when she noticed that she was chewing rather loudly.

She brought the plate over to Benjamin and brought a piece of snack to his mouth.

Benjamin looked up.

“Have some too!” Arissa said while stuffing the snack into his mouth.

She wouldn’t feel so self-conscious if Benjamin ate together with her.

After Benjamin swallowed the food, Arissa quickly fed him another piece before putting one into her mouth.

Benjamin looked at the woman, surprised that she was so proactive all of a sudden.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing!” Arissa replied with an innocent expression.

Benjamin stretched out his arm and pulled her toward him.

“If there’s nothing, why are you feeding me?”

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