The More the Merrier Chapter 936

Chapter 936 You Are the Boss

Arissa beamed when she heard the excitement in Gavin’s voice. “I know!” Gavin giggled in response. Shortly after, the voices of Tim, Zachary, Oliver, Jasper, and Jesse rang out from the phone.

“Mommy! We already saw the news!” “Mommy! A lot of people are congratulating you and Mr. Graham!”

“Mommy, your fanbase has grown exponentially!” “Mommy, I like what Mr. Graham did.”

“Mommy, from now on, no one will dare to bully you anymore!” Arissa was amused. “Sweethearts, wasn’t it laggy for you guys? I couldn’t even log in. The platform crashed.”

“Mommy, we can! You have a lot more fans now!” Zachary said. Arissa smiled. “Sweetheart—”

Suddenly, Benjamin snatched her phone away. She turned to look at him. “Is that what you guys pay attention to in class? Isn’t it time for you guys to take a nap now?” Benjamin asked.

There was silence for a while before Gavin said, “We’ve had enough sleep.”

“Well, unlike you guys, your mommy hasn’t slept yet! Don’t disturb your mommy’s sleep.”

Arissa was rendered speechless when she heard that. “What are you on about? The kids weren’t disturbing me!”

Immediately, Benjamin hung up the phone. Arissa was dumbfounded.

The children, too, were caught by surprise. Daddy is so domineering! How could he hang up the phone and stop us from talking to Mommy?

Tim looked slightly dejected when he saw how angry the other kids were. We weren’t done talking to Mommy yet.

“Didn’t Mr. Graham say Mommy hasn’t slept yet? Let’s give Mommy time to rest,” Tim said. “Tim, that was an excuse Mr. Graham made up. He just wants to have Mommy all to himself!” Jasper snickered.

“Why would he do that?” Tim was confused. Oliver pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and said cheekily, “Mr. Graham wants to have some time alone with Mommy, and he thinks we’re third wheels!”

Tim gaped in shock. Gavin and Zachary couldn’t help but laugh when they saw Tim’s expression. “Daddy is with Mommy!” Gavin smiled gleefully.

Although Zachary and the others said they wanted to test Benjamin, they were glad that Benjamin and Arissa were together.

Over at Graham Group, Arissa fumed, “Don’t ever take my phone away again! I wasn’t done talking to the kids!”

Benjamin couldn’t help but give her lips a peck when he saw her pouting. Arissa blushed and quickly turned away.

“You don’t have to talk to them for so long, do you? Don’t you need to rest?” Benjamin pinched her cheek dotingly.

Arissa shied away again and ended up burying herself in Benjamin’s embrace. His musky and masculine scent is so addictive. She couldn’t help sniffing him discreetly.

Benjamin looked down at her. “Are you still going to sleep?”

Arissa’s heart fluttered when she heard his hoarse voice. “It’s time to go to work.” She wanted to take her phone, but Benjamin hugged her and said, “Just take a nap!”

“What if I’m late to work?”

Benjamin’s lips twitched. “Are you worried about getting a pay cut?”

“Of course!” However, if she were to get a pay cut, she would still get paid handsomely.

“I’m giving you permission to be late for once!”

“Well, you’re the boss, aren’t you? Whatever you say!”

“Whatever I say?”

Arissa’s heart almost stopped beating. I better stop talking. Otherwise, I’m going to fall into his trap. In fact, I feel like he’s just waiting for me to get tricked!

“Why aren’t you responding?” Benjamin lowered his head and stared right into her eyes.

Arissa rolled her eyes at him. “Do you still want to sleep?”

“I do!” Benjamin planted a kiss on her ear.

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