The More the Merrier Chapter 934

Chapter 934 Acting Dumb

Benjamin snatched her phone away and threw it to the side. “Don’t play with your phone when you sleep!” Arissa glanced at him in response.

Benjamin pulled her in and let her lie on top of him. She wanted to move back toward the other side, but the man held her waist tightly to prevent her from doing that.

“Where are you going?” “I’m going to sleep on the other side!” As they exchanged glances, Benjamin lifted her chin and went in for a kiss.

Arissa quickly turned her head, and Benjamin ended up kissing her cheek. “Didn’t you say we were going to sleep?” Arissa’s heart raced.

“Yes!” Benjamin kissed her neck, causing Arissa to shudder and feel a tingling sensation all over her body.

He then gave her a few pecks behind her ears. Arissa could feel her ears burning. If he keeps this up, how am I getting any sleep?

Fortunately for her, Benjamin held back and stopped teasing her. Yet, she could still feel him breathing down her neck.

“Perhaps I should just sleep on the other side,” she whispered. Benjamin took in her blushing cheeks. His eyes darkened, and he started breathing heavily.

“You go ahead and sleep first. I need to use the restroom.” Benjamin got out of bed and headed to the restroom. Arissa was baffled as she watched him walk away. Didn’t he just use the restroom?

When she heard the sound of running water, she couldn’t help but glance in that direction. She waited, but the man stayed inside the restroom for quite a long while.

Seeing that he wasn’t coming out anytime soon, she picked up her phone and saw the news of their marriage.

Just then, her phone rang. Arissa was slightly stunned when she saw that it was a call from Bradley. Finally, he’s calling me!


“Boss, did you and Mr. Graham get married?” Bradley had seen the news, so he called her to get confirmation.

“We did,” Arissa answered. “It took long enough for you to ring me up! How are things on your end?”

“Everything is back to normal now.” Bradley chuckled. “Boss, when will I get to attend your wedding reception?”

“Next month!” Arissa roughly told him the date. “Come back when it’s time.”

“Sure!” Bradley was overjoyed. “Congratulations to you and Mr. Graham!”

“We collected our marriage certificates yesterday.” Arissa smiled.

“Then why did Mr. Graham only announce it today?” Bradley was puzzled.

“Something came up yesterday, so he only announced it today.” Arissa glanced at the restroom. “You’ve been in Rutaceae Village for a while now. Are there any updates on the information I asked you to look into?”

“Huh?” Bradley froze momentarily. “Boss, didn’t I inform you already? That was all.”

Arissa narrowed her eyes. She wanted to question further, but Bradley said he had something to attend to and immediately hung up the phone.

Arissa gritted her teeth. There must be something he’s not telling me. Is it something about Tim that I can’t know?

When Benjamin came out and saw that she was in deep thought, he arched a brow and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Arissa regained her senses and turned to look at Benjamin. “Benjamin, did Tim have a hard time in Rutaceae Village? Was he bullied by someone?”

Benjamin’s eyes gleamed. He got into the bed and hugged her, running his fingers through her hair. “Why would you think so all of a sudden?”

Arissa gazed at him and said, “Bradley called me just now. When I asked him about Tim, he changed the topic and hung up on me.”

A glint flashed across Benjamin’s eyes when he heard that. “Stop overthinking.”

Arissa pursed her lips. “You know something, do you?”

“What do I know?” Benjamin raised his brows.

Arissa was frustrated. He’s acting dumb again.

“You’re asking the obvious, and you’re also avoiding the topic!” Arissa turned away from him.

Benjamin looked at her and touched her hair. Should I tell her?

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