The More the Merrier Chapter 933

Chapter 933 An Official Announcement

“What’s the pay like?” Arissa smiled at Benjamin. Benjamin raised his brows and asked, “I’ve already given you my card, no? Why are you still asking me about your pay?”

Arissa pursed her lips. “It’s not the same. This is something I earn on my own.” With the money she made, she could spend however she wanted.

Benjamin’s lips twitched. Upon seeing how excited she was, he said gently, “I’m giving you a raise!”

“Thank you, Mr. Graham!” Arissa was elated. Benjamin snorted in response. Arissa glanced at him and got up to pour him a glass of water. “Have some water, Mr. Graham.”

Benjamin sized her up and urged, “Get some rest.” He took his phone, then logged onto the account that Ethen had signed up for him and announced the marriage.

Arissa didn’t know what he was up to. She asked inquisitively, “What are you doing?”

Benjamin raised his head and smiled. “I’ve announced our marriage!”

Arissa stared at him for a moment before inching closer to him. She was stunned when she saw the Twitter account Benjamin was using. It’s only been a few seconds, but he has already received a hundred thousand likes for his announcement! And he has tens of millions of followers.

Arissa quickly whipped out her own phone to check the announcement. To her dismay, Twitter had crashed, and she couldn’t even log in.

Benjamin’s announcement was as domineering and direct as his words.

He wrote: Arissa York is now my wife!

He had even attached a photo of their marriage certificates to the announcement.

Although he didn’t tag Arissa on the announcement, Arissa’s number of followers on Twitter suddenly increased tremendously as well. However, she couldn’t see it because she still couldn’t log in.

In an instant, all the media outlets were reporting about it, so it was all over the internet.

In fact, the news about the rich and powerful Benjamin getting married caused multiple social media platforms to crash for a long while.

“I can’t log in!” Arissa shot Benjamin a glance.

Benjamin looked at her phone and said, “Forget about it, then. Go and get some rest.”

Benjamin rose to his feet and dragged her to the private lounge.

“I’m not tired!” Arissa looked at Benjamin.

“Just lie down for a while. We’re bringing the kids out tonight!” Benjamin still hadn’t fulfilled the promise he had made to the kids. If I don’t bring them out tonight, their impression of me is going to worsen.

“Why don’t we just bring them out during the weekend?” Arissa suggested. She was too lazy to bring them out that night, as she planned to visit Mary at the hospital.

“We’re going to the Old Manor this weekend!” Benjamin shot her a glance before going to the closet and bringing a set of pajamas out for her. “Get changed and accompany me to bed.”

With that, Benjamin turned around and went to the restroom.

Arissa looked in the direction of the restroom, then spun around and got changed.

The moment she was done buttoning up, she could sense that someone was staring at her.

Unsurprisingly, she turned around and met Benjamin’s passionate eyes. How long has he been standing there and watching me?

“You were fast!” Arissa blushed.


Arissa could feel her heart thumping wildly when Benjamin walked toward her.

“I need to use the restroom!” Arissa scurried away.

Benjamin was amused when he saw how embarrassed she was. She gets embarrassed so easily.

“Be quick!” Benjamin said as he walked to the bed.

Arissa went into the restroom and closed the door behind her.

When she came out, she saw Benjamin sitting at the side of the bed.

Her heart skipped a beat because the man wouldn’t stop staring at her.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Come here,” Benjamin said seductively, his lips curved into a smirk.

His voice was deep and magnetic.

Arissa merely cast him a glance before walking to the other side of the bed.

Benjamin narrowed his eyes when he saw that. Oh, this woman!

He turned around and inched toward her.

Arissa was on her phone, and those platforms were still down, so she still couldn’t log in.

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