The More the Merrier Chapter 932

Chapter 932 Working In The CEO Office

Arissa was nonplussed. “You had already spoken up for me, no? Nobody dares to bully me anymore.”

Those who dislike me would continue to despise me regardless of my working location. Of course, those bullies would still think of a way to bully me if they desired to do so. But since Benjamin had already gotten rid of those bullies today, I reckon the others will not be so foolish as to pick on the boss’ wife after that.

“Well, that makes sense. However, I can protect you better if you’re constantly under my watch. Otherwise, Dad will scold me if someone bullies you again.”

Benjamin fixated his gaze on her without a hint of condemnation.

Feeling sorry, Arissa promised, “I’ll explain everything to Dad when I see him.”

She sneaked a look at Benjamin upon finishing her sentence.

“Dad may think that I was the one who instructed you to explain it.”

Benjamin pursed his lips after saying that, and his words rendered Arissa speechless.

“My office will be your workspace from now on. Hurry up and eat!” Benjamin instructed, gesturing at the dining table.

Arissa glanced at him before turning around to continue her meal.

At the same time, Ethen had already arrived with his subordinates, carrying Arissa’s desk.

He was so efficient that he had also brought along Arissa’s stationery and documents.

“Where should we place it, Mr. Graham?” Ethen inquired.

Benjamin gestured to the space next to him, commanding, “Move it here.”

Ethen hesitated for a second before asking his subordinates to bring the desk over. With that, Arissa’s desk was placed right next to Benjamin’s.

Having witnessed the whole scene, Arissa was at a loss for words.

Gosh! How should I work when we’re sitting next to each other? Moreover, people will be coming in… It doesn’t seem appropriate, no?

“I’ll just sit outside,” Arissa suggested as she looked at Benjamin.

Unfortunately for her, Benjamin merely swept his gaze over her, not changing his decision.

Under the command of Ethen, his subordinates got Arissa’s desk ready within a short time.

The computer and the files were all placed in the same place as she had before.

“Mr. Graham and Mrs. Graham, it’s all ready to use,” said Ethen.

Benjamin was satisfied after taking a look.

Then, he ordered Ethen, “Instruct the logistics department to purchase some wedding favors and distribute them to every employee.”

“Right away!” Ethen responded with a smile and left the room to get things done as soon as possible.

After the meal, Arissa cleaned up the dining table.

She gathered the waste and put it outside the office before approaching Benjamin.

As she looked at her desk, which was placed side-by-side with Benjamin’s, she was utterly speechless.

“How can you establish your authority like this?” she questioned.

Benjamin lifted his gaze to look at her. “What’s wrong with this? Why would I lose my authority?”

Arissa pursed her lips. “You’ll be monitoring me all the time. I’ll feel uneasy while working…” Her lips were set in a pout.

He let out a chortle of delight and leaned against the back of his chair.

“Then, what do you suggest? How should we place it?” Benjamin’s eyes crinkled with joy as he fixated his gaze on her.

When their gazes met the next moment, Arissa blushed crimson.

“Uh, I think it’s better to place it this way. Or perhaps put it near the door?” she suggested as she gesticulated at the door.

Benjamin felt that the door was too far from him. “Put it here, then. At a right angle.”

Arissa was delighted when he agreed to her suggestion. With that, she placed her desk at a right angle to Benjamin’s desk.

When she eventually sat down, she immediately met Benjamin’s deep eyes.

Oh… It seems like he can keep a better eye on me this way.

“You can’t move it anymore. We’ll return home if you intend to move it again,” Benjamin warned domineeringly.

Arissa pursed her lips and queried, “Won’t I disturb you if I work here?”

She thought her colleagues in the same department still needed to look for her to report work progress occasionally.

“You’ll be the CEO’s secretary-cum-the head of the IT department from now onward.”

Arissa did not feel happy even though she had been promoted. In contrast, she felt distressed.

I know he’s been planning for this to happen, but I’d never thought he’d decide it for real.

“What if a staff from the IT department comes looking for me? Won’t we disturb you?”

“I’ll get another manager to manage the IT department. You’ll have the supervisory role, making sure they complete their work. From now onward, complete what I’ve instructed you to do and supervise your subordinates with a hands-off approach,” Benjamin expounded.

Arissa was surprised to hear that. Is he trying to lessen my workload?

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