The More the Merrier Chapter 931

Chapter 931 Eat Up

More than ten minutes later, Darius was still scolding Benjamin. It was such an awkward situation for Arissa.

Feeling guilty and full of remorse, she kept her head down.

Noticing her reaction, Benjamin interjected Darius, who spoke at the other end of the line.

“Let’s end the call here, Dad. I’m having a meal with Issa.”

“You should’ve told me that earlier. Go ahead and eat up. I shan’t disturb my daughter-in-law when she’s having her meal.”

Darius disconnected the call right after he finished his sentence.

The corners of Benjamin’s mouth twitched. He looked straight at Arissa and teased, “Dad cares about you so much.”

“Are you envious?” Arissa asked as she gazed at him.

“Do I need to?” he questioned in return after letting out a snort.

Arissa could not help but chuckle under her breath. “Eat up, Darling!”

As she spoke, she put a piece of steak on his plate.

The man felt exceptionally comfortable listening to her gentle voice.

His eyes glinted with an unfathomable emotion as a tingling sensation spread over his body.

“Repeat that.” Benjamin’s voice was deep and husky, sounding exceedingly alluring.

“Eat up!” The tips of Arissa’s ears had already reddened.

Frowning, Benjamin raised his hand and gently knocked her on the head.

She rubbed her head and sat farther away from him before resuming eating.

Benjamin followed suit and inched close to her. They were so close that his thigh was touching hers.

At that moment, Arissa could feel the warmth from his thigh permeating into her skin through the fabric of his pants.

Feeling a fluttering pulse, she withdrew her legs. Much to her surprise, the man approached her again, and their thighs were even closer by then.

She raised her head to look at the man. Her lips naturally twitched when she saw that he was leisurely eating as if nothing had happened.

“Open your mouth.”

All of a sudden, he took a piece of meat and was prepared to feed it to her.

She blinked and looked right into the man’s deep eyes. His dark eyes are like a mysterious whirlpool devouring people’s souls.

As she naturally opened her mouth, Benjamin stretched his hand over and fed her.

Once again, her gaze met with his passionate gaze. At that instant, she felt her cheeks beginning to heat up.

Calmly, she turned her head away and chewed the meat. Nevertheless, she could sense that the man was still gazing at her.

She turned her head, only to see that he was still looking at her.

“Why are you looking at me?” she grumbled coyly.

Seeing Benjamin curl his thin lips into a devilish smile made her heart race. At that moment, she looked like a young girl who was madly in love.

“Is it good?” Benjamin asked softly as he looked at her with a tender gaze.

“Mm-hmm…” Arissa gave a slight nod.

He then took another piece of meat and fed it to her again.

After swallowing it, she uttered, “You should eat, too. The food doesn’t taste as good when it turns cold.”

Benjamin kept his gaze on her for a little longer before he continued eating.

After that, Ethen came in. However, seeing that the husband and wife were having their meal, he quietly left the room.

After Benjamin had his fill, he set his fork down and took a paper towel to wipe his mouth.

“Finish off this and eat up this as well,” said Benjamin.

Taken aback, Arissa looked at him. “You’ve already eaten your fill?”


After giving her a once-over, Benjamin stood up and strode toward his desk. Then, he asked Ethen to come over.

Arissa turned to glance at the man before continuing her meal. He didn’t eat much.

Soon, Ethen came in and greeted, “Mr. Graham.”

“How are things going?” Benjamin questioned in an intimidating manner.

“I’ve settled it,” Ethen reported.

Benjamin nodded in response. “Bring Arissa’s desk in and place it here.”

Both Ethen and Arissa were at a loss for words.

“Why do you want to move my desk here?” She looked at Benjamin in puzzlement.

“Now!” Benjamin ordered.

His word immediately brought Ethen back to his senses. “Understood, Mr. Graham.”

After that, Ethen swiftly returned to work and carried out the order.

Arissa set her fork down and walked over. “How am I going to work if you move my desk here?”

“You’ll work here from today onward.”

Even though Benjamin spoke impassively, his tone was naturally authoritative.

Arissa was momentarily stunned. Seconds later, she queried, “I’m going to work in your office?”


Benjamin cast her a glance and expounded, “To prevent you from being bullied.”

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