The More the Merrier Chapter 930

Chapter 930 I Will Support You

Benjamin’s gaze became intense as it burned with desire, causing Arissa’s heart to skip a beat before going out of control.

With his hand holding the back of her head, Benjamin leaned in for a kiss.

With his gorgeous face inches away, Arissa’s mind went blank with his kiss.

Benjamin noticed her staring at him, so he covered her eyes and intensified his kiss.

Oh my! When the staff from the cafeteria delivered their food and saw the intimate scene, they quickly retreated out of the office.

Upon hearing the commotion, Benjamin glanced at the door and let go of Arissa.

Noticing that there was someone at the door, Arissa glared at Benjamin.

Then, she quickly got up from his lap and tidied her clothes.

Benjamin’s lips curled slightly when he saw her blush.

“Do you want to go in and wait?”

Arissa rolled her eyes at him, met his gaze, and her face became even redder.

Why should I hide? I didn’t do anything wrong.

She turned around and sat on a chair in front of Benjamin’s desk.

Benjamin chuckled and poured her a glass of water before calling out to the staff waiting outside.

“Bring it in!”

Arissa calmly sipped the water, but deep down within her, she was flustered.

It was not nice for people in the company to witness their intimate moments.

The cafeteria staff greeted Benjamin, placed the food on the table, and kept their eyes forward all the while.

“Mr. Graham, please enjoy your meal!”

After getting the food ready, they quickly got out of the office.

Benjamin got up and cast a gentle gaze at the woman sipping her water.

“Time to eat.”


Arissa put her glass down and followed him.

Benjamin pulled her over to a small dining table on the other side of the room, and the two of them sat down for their meal.

As Benjamin kept putting food on her plate, he reminded her, “In the future, you must let me know when something like this happens!”

Arissa looked up at him and muttered, “Got it.”

He then looked her in the eyes and said, “It must have been tough on you.”

Arissa paused for a moment. To her, that fiasco was nothing. People merely loved to gossip, and it pissed her off.

“I’m all right.”

Benjamin looked at her fixedly. When he noticed how calm she was, he was relieved.

“We are married, and Dad has already set a date for us. It’s only a matter of time before everyone finds out. I will make an announcement in a short while!”

Benjamin did not want the same incident to happen again.

If he did not announce the impending nuptial, no one would know that she was his wife.

What can I do if she gets bullied in the future when I’m not around?

Arissa looked at Benjamin’s determined face. Since he had mentioned it several times, it would not be nice for her to turn him down again.

What he said made sense.

Since they were already married, it was only a matter of time before others would find out.

“It’s up to you then.”

Her lips twitched, and she could not contain the happiness within her.

Benjamin did not expect her to agree so easily. He was surprised, to say the least.

“Next time, if anyone bullies you, do it back to them. I will give you my full support!” promised Benjamin as he gazed at her lovingly.

Arissa’s heart began to beat rapidly.


Looking at her blushing face, Benjamin found her alluring, and his gaze darkened.

He could not help but lean over and kiss her.

The blush on Arissa’s face deepened at that.

“What are you doing? Eat your food!”

She stared at him with wide eyes.

Benjamin smiled happily.

“All right then. Let’s eat.”

His magnetic voice sounded very seductive.

Arissa’s heart started pumping like crazy. It was as if he was flirting with her.

As the two of them were having their meals, Benjamin’s phone rang. It was Darius.

Benjamin answered the call. “Dad—”

“You little punk! I heard that Issa had been bullied in the company. How did that happen? Why aren’t you taking good care of her?”

Benjamin had no idea how Darius found out about it, and his dad was now questioning him.

“It was my fault!” exclaimed Benjamin as he turned to Arissa.

Arissa felt sorry for him since that incident had nothing to do with him.

When they collected their marriage certificate, she was the one who told Benjamin not to let anyone know.

If he had announced it to the world, then no one would be able to spread any rumors anymore.

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