The More the Merrier Chapter 929

Chapter 929 Arissa Is My Wife

“M-Mr. Graham!” the staff called out in fear. Benjamin stared at her and questioned coldly, “Do you know what the consequences of you spreading rumors in the company are?”

That female staff trembled, and her face turned pale.

Arissa was also staring daggers at her. She was not acquainted with that staff and had no idea how she ended up offending her.

“Have I offended you before?”

The female employee looked at her and replied, “No…”

“Then why are you spreading rumors about me? Why slander me?” Arissa interrogated her in a frosty voice.

“I’m sorry. I-I wasn’t in my right mind. I said what I said out of jealousy. That’s all.” Cold sweats were running down the staff’s back.

Benjamin cast a glance at Ethen.

Ethen yelled, “If you don’t want to end up in the police station, then you’d better tell the truth!”

The employee was close to tears. She had no inkling that Benjamin was Arissa’s backer. If she knew, she would have never spread those rumors.

“I-I’ll speak… Other than speculating that the black card was not Ms. York’s out of malice, Ms. Adams also gave me some money and told me to slander Ms. York when the chance arises…”

Benjamin brushed the tip of his tongue against the inside of his cheek. Rosetta?

Arissa did not expect Rosetta to bribe the staff of Graham Group.

She turned to look at Benjamin.

He signaled to Ethen, and his assistant nodded.

Ethen then escorted the staff out, and he brought her to every department to clarify the matter and clear Arissa’s name.

The manager of the administrative department was then dismissed and replaced by someone else.

“Get up here right now!” Benjamin told the higher-ups of various departments who were in the conference room.

When Arissa saw him flaring up, she squeezed his hand to calm him down. “Stop being mad!”

Where there were humans, there would always be gossips.

Benjamin shot her a glance before telling her, “Later on, don’t say a word!”

“Okay!” Arissa pursed her lips and continued to stand next to him.

Very soon, the various higher-ups arrived.

They already knew about the incident in the restaurant.

“Mr. Graham! Ms. York!”

All of them began to greet Benjamin and Arissa.

Arissa nodded with a smile.

Benjamin, on the other hand, stared at them. His subordinates looked tense.

“From now on, any rumormonger will be fired. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir!” everyone responded simultaneously.

Benjamin pulled Arissa closer to him.

“Arissa is my wife. If I hear any more rumors and gossip about her, I won’t let the person off!”

All the managers were surprised to hear that.

Our boss is married? To Ms. York?

No wonder Mr. Graham treats Ms. York differently. Turns out they have gotten married in secret.

“I understand, Mr. Graham!” someone acknowledged.

The rest of them followed suit. “Mr. Graham, we will keep our subordinates in check!”

“Mr. Graham, I will keep that in mind! I won’t allow anyone to badmouth Ms. York!”

Everyone’s eyes were darting between Benjamin and Arissa.

Benjamin waved his hand and dismissed the managers.

Looking at them put him in a foul mood.

“Mr. Graham, Ms. York, we’ll be taking our leave then.”

All of them excused themselves respectfully and left in a hurry.

They wondered who had offended their CEO and his wife, causing all of them to be in trouble.

The gossipers had already been chased out of Graham Group. In fact, they were blacklisted and would never ever be hired again.

Once the other companies got wind of the news, they would not hire them either.

“Thank you!”

Arissa was moved.

It felt good to be protected by Benjamin.

Benjamin looked up and met her gaze. “There’s no sincerity from you at all!”

Arissa paused for a moment. When she saw that Benjamin got furious because of her, she felt apologetic.

She bent down and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Benjamin reached out and pulled Arissa onto his lap.

“Ah!” Arissa exclaimed. She wanted to get up, but Benjamin had her locked tightly in his embrace.

Benjamin had his long arms wound tightly around her waist.

“Stop moving!”

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